Warehouse Working

I have been working at a local warehouse that gets a Christmas rush. I will be very busy until Christmas so the likelihood of me posting is low. Already my muscles are very built up and my back has largely adapted to going from a sitting job to an active one that requires muscles. I am hoping I will be able the workload and can at the very least use the warehouse as a good reference. My pace has picked up greatly since the beginning and I have been learning many new skills.

I felt it was time to put some practice into my writing skills just a little, but I need to be in bed in time to get eight hours sleep and be up at 7:40am to get to work on time. I guess I didn’t tell you why I have been fixing my schedule. And no, I am not a morning person. This Friday I get my second paycheck. My first was timed in such a way that it only included training and one day of work.

Sometimes while working at the warehouse, I think back to how much harder the position would have been in the 1800’s, with longer hours and less pay. At other times I think of my Father, who was a factory worker so long that he reached retirement. When it is late at night and I feel too tired to enjoy the idea of getting up early in the morning (sleepiness can have that effect on me) I again picture my Father who had to be up even earlier for his job.

Did I mention how much muscle I have put on? I like thinking of it as being paid to workout. Only I am not the kind who would workout without being paid. I prefer walking to running. Gentle Yoga is preferred to muscle building.

So there, I have exercised my writing. Now I am going to do my nighttime stretches. Peace!

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