What is the Secret of ‘The Secret?’

Trigger warning: This post is written for the logical crowd to help them contextualize how Law of Attraction might work within the framework of scientific thought.

The Law of Attraction has fascinated me for a long time. I decided to write up my understanding of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how I believe it works.

While there are many misunderstandings about the Law of Attraction, if one looks at it from a wider perspective, they perhaps will find the real secret. In an article by Be Scofield, they can find of one of the ways that the Law of Attraction can be misunderstood.

But this is nothing compared to what she said about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When the woman asked her about a way to interpret his life in an empowering way for her son Esther-Hicks launched into something that can be best described as an ignorant stream of psychobabble. She described his vision in the vaguest of terms and then said, “He lost sight of his dream momentarily… he began to push against. And when one pushes against in a very fast moving stream abrupt things happened… It’s trying to get others to agree with us about our dreams that causes backlash. But when we just dream them ourselves… the resources of the universe come into alignment with us. — Be Scofield Link Here

I think this example highlights why I too went online to debate Law of Attraction. (LoA) People have asked Esther many things about the topics that have been keeping them from feeling in alignment. What Abraham (the being channeled by Esther) respond with is what needs to be said for that person to get over their hesitation and into a more positive outlook on life.

The Law of Attraction is designed to enable an individual to transition from a pessimistic worldview to an optimistic one. This process re-wires the brain to think positively. Let’s give an example:

‘Subject A’ is sad.’Subject A’ feels horrible about being sad. They feel guilty about staying in too much. The worlds problems feel beyond the reach of ‘Subject A’ because they seem too big to handle. ‘Subject A’ hears Abraham channeling that you don’t have to take action, but simply thinking positive thoughts will make their problems disappear.

Here are two of the simple choices ‘Subject A’ can make

1) ‘Subject A’ gets more upset that the world does not understand her and continues to feel horrible.

2) ‘Subject A’ tries thinking more positive thoughts.

With each positive thought, she re-wires her brain a little more to think positively in the future. Her problems seemed too big for her to handle from a pessimistically wired brain, but one thought at a time her brain is being rewired. When she thinks a negative thought, she is also met with a choice to feel bad about thinking negatively or to brush it off with a compliment to herself. (Even if the complement is about how good she is at being negative.)

As her brain is rewired she might run into some hang-ups. Such as “I want to eat meat, but the animals?” Or “If positive thinking really works why did Martin Luther King get killed?” The answer in rewiring the brain is to learn a positive way of thinking about this topic. What Abraham Hicks is channeling is a way to get past the roadblocks to rewiring the brain or how she would be more likely to word it: to push you into the vortex (Of positive thought.)

After ‘Subject A’ has thought positively enough to rewire her neural connections, her brain makes different choices. These choices re-create the world around her.

So how did ‘Subject A’ get over the drowning feeling that she is just a small ant trying to move a mountain and start visualizing her way through life as someone in a boat drifting effortlessly down a stream? All ‘Subject A’ needed to do is think positively when she could and transform her world by transforming the way she looks at the world. In other words, she took no action but just thought positive thoughts.


Here are videos to the two channelings Be Scofield referred to so you can decide for yourself.


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