Discussion with my body: Milkshakes

I attended a healing night in my town and got Reiki. On the bus ride home my body kept telling me it wanted a milkshake. I tried telling it that I had enough sugar already. Yet, my body would not give up. So I asked my body what a milkshake meant to it. My body said, “Love.” I asked my body if I could show it love in another way. My body said, “I want a milkshake.” After much debating with my body, my body said, “It equates the milkshake with love because the act of me getting a milkshake meant I trusted it.”

So during the downtown transfer from one bus to another, I walked to get a milkshake. On the walk, a gentleman tried to sell me a newspaper. (There is an organization in town that helps those without homes get places to live and prints a newspaper for them to sell in order to make money.) Now 9 times out of 10, I refuse. Yet, my instinct was that I should buy the paper. Only I had no dollar bills and had to give the gentleman a $20.

Walking away I realized that my body had wanted me to walk this way so I could have this interaction. They say abundance is having enough to share. So this gentleman in selling me a newspaper made me feel my abundance. He did me a favor and I am not sure he realized it.

Beyond that, I had posted my last blog post on a forum that seemed safer (people seemed more respectful) about the Law of Attraction. I wanted another perspective. One of the responses was from an individual who used panhandlers as an example of why it is not good to feel compassion.

I did not realize this response had been made at that point, I realized my body was just using the milkshake request to guide me. Yet, 9 times out of 10, my body just it wants the milk in the milkshake and the chocolate. I ordered a healthier drink in place of a milkshake in this case.

I do not know if we will have more posts on my interactions with my body. Do know this is inspired by a number of spiritual teachings that advise inner conversations with the body.

Earlier, after the Reiki, my knee told me it was upset it didn’t get the same attention that the other knee had gotten during Reiki. So I had to send energy to my knee and give it attention. I have noticed with healing that if one side of my body gets attention and not the other side. The other side does not like it. How can I tell my knee is emotional? I just know.

I am taking a moment to reflect on how this post must sound to someone outside of the spiritual community. Namely my family. Terminology.

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