50% Channeling

Don’t give me your power. Don’t give your power away to the word channeling. Think of it as a game. Trust your instincts. I do not want your power for I have my own. I have not written such in a long time. I was tempted to channel a message, but am more in a 50% channeling state.

I have come to realize that my words are powerful. I have learned to hesitate where once I wrote freely. If I add the word channeling onto a post, there are those who would give away their power. People who might trust the writing over their instinct, for many are disconnected from their intuition.

When I channel, it is for the enjoyment of the process. I can take on a persona and become the actor writing as well. When people want to debate with me about my writing. When they look at the persona and take it for real. It takes away from the enjoyment of writing.

When I try to channel ideas into being and people decide to be upset with the idea. While I was not intending to upset them, but express myself, I hesitate that this game of writing that I took on for the enjoyment could have a lasting impact. I feel the power of my words and wonder if I should stop playing the writing game online.

So I channel for myself mainly. Even if is more fun to write with the intention of someone reading it.

I try my best to convey complex ideas with simple writing. Yet the words often failed to deliver the message. Still now, in comments on varies sites, I am inspired to use my practice in writing.

I have remained silent online for a while now, afraid of the power of my own words to upset another.

Today, I opened up a word document for a private channeling session. Yet, I had something I wanted to explain. My silence. For even if I do sometimes write, I do not write the same way as before.

I do so want to channel a message to share with others. For writing is more fun when you write with the idea of sharing. When you write for yourself it is like inward thought, yet when you write for another it is a conversation. Only conversations with less pause and banter.

For a while, I wrote on forums because I wanted more interaction in the writing process. I wanted more feedback. I did receive feedback but soon attracted those who became upset with me. I did not understand why I was unwelcome to the point of threats to be banned. While others called me a hypocrite and decided to attack every post I made.

Why would writing from a place of enjoyment upset people so much that they take out a personal vendetta against me?

I felt dearly the power of words. Something I had been throwing around like a child with the best of intentions. I am a writer with ideas. I question ideas in hopes of coming to a better understanding of those ideas.

I do not give my power away to the word channeling. Why should a person channeling be able to make statements that they would not make themselves? The word channeling enables a person to hide behind a mask. It is a different way of writing. For whatever they say, they can attribute to some high being.

The words, however, come from the channeler. The wisdom is their own. It is a bit like taking the role of a wise person when acting. Suddenly one is able to convey characteristics that were always there but hidden.

Channelings enables some people to step outside of the role that society has given them and to play another role altogether.

While Darryl Anka channeled that ‘all writing is channeling’ I think there are different levels of channeling in writing. When a person consciously takes on the idea that they are channeling they are given a mask to write behind. A new role to play outside of what society has taught them they have the authority to write about.

So am I currently channeling? Somewhat, but I feel these words coming from my heart and not an outside source. I have gotten into the flow of writing and let it carry this topic along. Now it is time to disconnect from the flow and read what I have written.

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