Month: October 2015

Goodbye Marigolds

The process of tearing apart my garden has taken longer then I thought it would. Mainly I am chopping up perfectly good Marigolds, and then having no hands to carry any back home for vases. I know it is necessary, but the flowers are still growing strong. The […]

My History with Sweepstakes

I think a primary element of Sweepstakes is the imagination. I think this is why vacation Sweepstakes are so popular. I have a habit of, if I really want something, finding a Sweepstakes for it. This process has never worked (I’ve never won that computer/iphone/ipad), but I keeps […]

Today’s Progress

I continued to do a little artwork today, as I will be busy taking down my garden tomorrow, and working. I did two nude figure drawings, but only one turned out. I started trying to combine my recent work with circles and figure drawing in the featured image […]

Goal within reach

Hello, As I noted before, I have a goal of having more views then last year. I turned on the feature where the WordPress reader only displays a summary of the post. This was mainly because I always wondered if Followers were overlooking my posts are reading them. […]