Caffeine late at night (last night)

Yesterday I finished some Cola and had a English Tea pretty late at night. In my hyper-ness I was drawn to do a lot of artwork in a short time. I was up way past my bedtime, if you can call the moment I decide it is way to late to stay up any longer a bedtime. This is my explanation for the increase in artwork. Some people seeing a late at night rampage of artwork would think Mania, but as my mood swings are connected to my thyroid instead of just sleep level, I have always been able to have crazy sleep hours without the normal Bipolar consequences. I have Schizoaffective, with Bipolar mood swings, and not really Bipolar. I just identify as Bipolar because that is what I was considered first. Bipolar Type I with Psychosis.

So I actually slept a long time after being up late (9 hours), because today is sort of a day off. I have two part time jobs, but only one has early hours. I have never been able to keep a good schedule without something getting me up early everyday. I am the prefect candidate for Late Night work, as I am already up late it would take very little effort to adjust. I, however, messed up the interview in that case. I always mess something up in an interview.

So even if I was up late, it wasn’t actually much later then usual. I just need to stay away from the caffeine late at night. Late night is my quiet time many times. My second part time job often keeps me busy until 8pm. Then I finally have the day to myself.

I think I have finally proven that I can do some Fine Art with the Figure Drawing. I was beginning to think most of my viewers thought the most I could do was make circles and cute images of fish.

Most of my Digital Skills are not from a class, but from trial and error. I have a lot to learn yet. Even after all these years, I have never gotten a book out on either program (Illustrator or Photoshop). I only had one class that taught Illustrator and Photoshop… along with other things. It was the basics, if I had the skills I have now, I could have really impressed.

I have a dilemma with showing my early work. As it is all on an old Mac from before the Intel chip was changed. So I think I will need to get help, in order to open the files on a newer computer, and I do not feel safe surfing the web on the old Mac. So the files from my Art School time and earlier remain locked away.

That is okay, as I think I have improved greatly. Maybe someday I will start a Patreon account. I would save up the money from the account for a new 3-D modeling program, and 3-D printer. I currently, do not think I have the skills to get funding from Patreon. Perhaps I should talk to my sister about this.

Maybe there is a sweepstakes I can enter, and hope. Because I was good at 3-D modeling, and even 3-D animation. I have so many programs that I wish were not made inoperable by my old computer being on a old computer chip. I had Final Cut Pro for animation too. So I know how to do 3-D modeling, animation, and video editing. All these programs are crazy expensive to replace. Perhaps I should get over my fear of surfing the web on an old computer, so I can use my old programs.


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