My History with Sweepstakes

I think a primary element of Sweepstakes is the imagination. I think this is why vacation Sweepstakes are so popular. I have a habit of, if I really want something, finding a Sweepstakes for it. This process has never worked (I’ve never won that computer/iphone/ipad), but I keeps impulsive purchases at bay. Sometime people are Shop-A-Holics, well at times I can be a Sweepstakes-A-Holic. I only enter credible Sweepstakes, as many are just scams to get you information.

today, I was searching for the Ultimate Cruise Sweepstakes, and found #CruiseSmile. At first I was a little unsure because there are many Cruise Sweepstakes that are not credible. Examination (Visiting is a good way to check, but that site misses many Sweepstakes, yet for a beginner it is a good place to start.) proved it to be a real Sweepstakes.

So if I randomly post Selfies on Instagram with the #CruiseSmile then bare with me. I am not sure how much I will enter, but I might as well declare October my Selfie Month. I did put a reminder in my calendar to enter on the 21st. It is the most expensive cruise being offered. So expensive that even if I had the money, I might feel too guilty spending so much on a cruise. It is a Crystal Cruise. Out of the Luxury Cruises they offer the most Sweepstakes. So every now and then I search for Crystal Cruise Sweepstakes. Hence finding this Sweepstakes.

I have a certain persistence in me. No matter how many Sweepstakes I don’t win (I’ve only ever won $50 at GameStop), I keep on entering. When I first started out, it was all I had the energy to do. It got my mind moving a little bit, but was really simple. Later I upgraded to obsessively listening to Music Videos. Seating and watching the same Music Video on repeat was an improvement over before. I used to enter so many Sweepstakes I couldn’t keep track of all the emails in a email address I have since abandoned. At first I didn’t enter just the ones that didn’t send much email. I entered unwisely, as my mind was not clear. Still I was wise enough.

Life is about following joy, and apparently I enjoy entering Sweepstakes. It bridges the gap between I want this and I cannot not afford it. For those who have trouble with the Laws of Manifestation, where they find themselves talking about not having enough money to get something (Me). It takes away the disbelief of getting something. Without Sweepstakes I might feel that I would never be able to go on a Luxury Cruise because I would never spend that much money on a vacation. Now, with a Sweepstakes, the limiting factors of disbelief are out the of the picture.

I think that entering a Sweepstakes is about more then winning. It is saying to the Universe I want this.

Here is an example of what I am trying to say about Sweepstakes and Manifestation. I used to search for Godiva Chocolate Sweepstakes. Because to me, at the time, they represented Luxury. I never won a Godiva Sweepstakes, but later on I was able to get a job at Godiva. I was in horrible shape at the time. Doing better, but slowed with clouded thoughts because of my medication or illness. So I messed up Interviews even more then now. My energy level did not match that of employment.

I somehow did a good job at my Godiva interview. I was hired and now had a 50% discount on Godiva Chocolates. I had to try the Chocolates so I could better recommend them. Now Godiva Chocolates no longer represents Luxury. I no longer enter Sweepstakes to win them. Yet, I won more Godiva then any Sweepstakes could have offered me.

So I wonder if someday, somehow, I will go on that Luxury Cruise. Maybe I will win one so long, that Crystal Cruises no longer represents Luxury to me. I will have to find a new representation of Luxury. It will be interesting to see how this works out. As I didn’t imagine working for Godiva when I was entering to win there Chocolates.

There was more behind Godiva representing Luxury then I remember. I think I saw a box of Godiva on Sale at Macy’s, and didn’t buy it. The Sale was so cheap that I regretted not getting the box. I had never seen Godiva so cheap. I mourned that I had lost this chance and entered Sweepstakes so I could finally get that big box of Godiva Chocolate. Lol. My younger self certainly was interesting.


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