Bentinho Massaro

Writing a life where Money is in abundance

Hello Readers and Visitors,

Welcome to this post. It will be an EPIC post because it is inspired by Bentinho. I am sure if Bentinho read this Blog, he would be wishing I found more variety in the ways I express his teachings. He uses the word EPIC a lot, and is an EPIC kind of person, so I have made the connection between Bentinho and EPICNESS.

Loosely inspired by Bentinho, I will write my future from an epic standpoint.

Elisabeth started out with simple means, and had enough trouble with money to learn to appreciate it in a way that would never have resulted from just starting out with money. She always kept hope, in the rough times, that each day was better then the last. At times she wondered how each day could be better, yet, she seemed to be getting nowhere. Along with just enough trouble with money, she was given more then enough trouble with emotions. Hence when the joy began to flow into her life, she appreciated it more then someone who had always been happy.

Perhaps her Soul wrote struggle into the beginnings so that the goal reached would be so much more sweet. No, not bittersweet, but a reality as sweet as honey that never goes bad.

She had responsibilities in her life, that she did not want to abandon. For she helped her family greatly, but she dreamed of re-educating her mind. When she had first gone to college, everything was struggle, everything was stress. She did not follow her passions, but stuck to the program. She was looking for a degree, and not to waste money. Yet, after years away from college, she missed the learning. She did not know what she wanted to become, just that she wanted to be able to follow her passions without need of a particular outcome. She missed all kinds of classes, and she had been doing her best in pursuing a New Aged Education for free online.

EPICALLY (because this is a dream without rationality), she was able to Manifest enough money to attend college without worry of having a degree at the end. She was able to not only attend a good college, but also have a good house. In the Summer she was able to Travel, and see the world. All of the above included good food. The good food that tastes wonderful and is healthy. All the while she was able to help her family.

She wrote about her life, on her blog, and perhaps it was the success of her blog that allowed her to afford college. Perhaps the giant Santa popped out of the sky and offered her a lifetime of money (i.e. she won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes). Either way money was secure enough to be forgotten, as more joyful things were pursued without worry. Perhaps it was a combination of both.

For her life was about following the trail of joy. Not only that, she managed to dispel some of the stigma placed on the New Age, and create a world where Card Readers could be just as respected as any profession. Why? Because this is an EPIC life. It was through holding on to her view of herself as a simple person, that she was able to enjoy such a joyride with groundedness. For even someone so great as Jesus was known to say, “All these things I do, you shall do and more.”

Yet, this is really just stage one. The stage of being able to enjoy Earth life to the fullest before embarking on stage two. Which will be drawn up once stage one is played out.


So do you like this future writing better then my last. Perhaps you should try writing your future, of what you would do once money is no longer holding you back. Where whatever you want to do, the money will just appear.


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