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As I noted before, I have a goal of having more views then last year. I turned on the feature where the WordPress reader only displays a summary of the post. This was mainly because I always wondered if Followers were overlooking my posts are reading them. I know this is an annoying feature to some, and was afraid of losing Followers.

You know if my cards didn’t show success in my Blog, I might have given up. I would let defeating thoughts about not being a interesting writer, or that I am too… unfocused, get in the way. In a way this might be what they call a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. For the oracle reading, itself, gave me the motivation to continue.

I always think of an English class I had in High School when I think of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies. We were reading Macbeth. In that story it is the prediction of the witches that is said to be the driving factor behind the actions that lead Macbeth to be king.

A lot of people say that any oracle that comes true, comes true because the Self-Fulfilling factor. They think that there is no other way for oracles to have a higher then chance percentage of coming true. When I first started watching youtube oracle videos, I would watch at the end of the week, or later. I saw if this reader resonated with my timeline in this way.

Either way, before I was seriously sidetracked by Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, there is a good shot of me reaching my goal of having more views then last year! This goal might be progressively harder to reach each year. Sooner or later, I might need to move out of the growth mindset.

Please have a wonderful day,


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  1. Hi, Lisa. You may not have been views from me because I am signed up for email notifications, and I could read entire posts in the notification rather than coming here. There are other blogs I follow that are the same way. And perhaps some of your followers also do this. I actually like these new formats! I’m 100% mobile only (iPad using a 2G mobile as a wifi hotspot) so things tend to load slow for me, this format seems to load quicker (these are my problems, of course, not yours).

    I like what you write and your artwork! Even if I don’t comment much.

    Keep up the awesome! 😊


      • I think the faster loading comes from ‘not as much stuff on the page’. There were some blogs I have followed that were so….heavy??….I could barely access them – it would actually lock everything up! The ones that work fastest are the ones with summaries, and the ones that only display about 10 posts at a time, with the option at the bottom to see the last older/newer 10 posts.

        The new email notices I get from your blog look like the entries, a summary with a “read more” link. Which of course leads me to click on it.

        I don’t do much with my blog, it’s just kinda a ‘for me’ thing so I don’t check stats or followers or settings or know much about them. So I’m not sure how much you can see on yours. Maybe log out, go to your blog through Google search, sign up for email notifications for an idea of what others are seeing? Of course, that’s gonna increase incoming email 😊. Just an idea I just had just now LOL.


  2. Also, I remember that following via email does not require the gravatar/Wordpress signin, just an email addy. Don’t know how much of a difference that makes…

    • Yes, WordPress following requires a WordPress account. I used to just comment on sites, yet I felt I was intruding too much on other people’s Blogs so started my own Blog. Even if it wasn’t my first Blog ever. I wasn’t sure where to go for a Blog, but followed the link at the bottom of Laura Bruno’s Blog to WordPress. It had been a while since I Blogged, and I was out of date. I designed my own Blog years ago with Movable Type. Then I forgot the password, and no longer remembered the email I used. So that one was deleted (it was part of my sister’s website) only a separate page. She taught me all the technical details to designing a webpage. Which I have forgotten.

  3. I don’t think following via email actually does require a Gravatar or WordPress account, although commenting/liking does, but I’m not sure. I’ll test it, with another email addy not linked to any WordPress/gravatar accounts at all and let you know here….I’m very curious about that now 😊.

    I used to get that feeling, that I was intruding on others with too many comments. I did follow a link on someone’s that said ‘start your own’ and went from there. Made mine, changed it around a lot, now it is only pictures. Which is kinda-what-I-wanted. There isn’t much there, but you’re welcome to check it out (I think you can connect to it if you click on my username). I keep the words in a paper/pen notebook. Maybe will do an online version. But the thoughts coming out are a bit….raw….and I am not a writer😀.

    I have said so many things in so many blogs/forums under so many names and forgotten the usernames and passwords…LOL…wish I could remember, as keepsakes. I’m better at it now. Not much, really..

    I don’t know what ‘movable type’ is/was.

    I do like this WordPress format.

    And thank you for being you!


  4. Hey, sorry about the delay. I got sidetracked with an argument in a forum, some people commenting on recent events stating that the mentally ill should be inprisoned and sterilized….ugh….I really don’t know why I bothered….😕

    Anyway, I was able to follow you through a different non-Wordpress/gravatar linked email account. I doubt most followers do not have WP/gravatar accounts, but it is a possibility – those people would not be able to comment or like. Just an item for thought. And, I need to remove that following, or I will be getting double notifications LOL. So, you’re going to lose a follower but not really.

    Hmm..I need to fix my gravatar, the image never shows….

    Anyway, thought I’d let you know about the email thing.

    Take care, keep up the posting!


    • Thank you for all the effort, I’ve gotten into that kind of argument before. I ended up arguing that, since it is scientifically proven that many Bipolar are more Creative, forcing the mentally ill to have no children might mean breeding human’s Highest Creative Potential out of existance. Didn’t get much of a response to that one. I regret posting on that youtube comment, because I received notifications as the argument went on and on.

      • It’s sad…

        It seems to be more of an effort to create a “them” they can be against rather than think of what they may lose in the process. One person did respond positively with some links, stating that mental illness is a cultural construct…I’m going to get what I can out the links, and continue to fight the good fight.

        I don’t want to trash up your blog with that stuff. This is a nice place, with spirituality and wonderful images. And some random day to day life. It’s why I follow. It’s peaceful here…like a garden. With a person in it. That probably doesn’t make any sense LOL.

        And thank you 😊

        I’ll make more of an effort to log in and visit now.


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