Today’s Progress


I continued to do a little artwork today, as I will be busy taking down my garden tomorrow, and working. I did two nude figure drawings, but only one turned out. I started trying to combine my recent work with circles and figure drawing in the featured image of this post. I cannot say it was successful.

I have a long way to go getting my art skills back in order. As stated before I set up a Patreon account, but I don’t plan on publicizing to Family and Friends on Facebook yet. So the readers of my Blog, and my eldest sister are the first to know.

My Family is free to read my Blog, but I have a number of extremely busy siblings. I am almost relieved some of the more Logically minded siblings have been to busy to check my site. My first Blog was supported only by Family. My second Namir the Wondercat was so horrible, that I do not blame them for not really wanting to read my Blog. I kind of wore them out with depressing posts in that Blog. I tried ever so much to sound happy, but I was going through depression. So it seemed each post started out promising and faded to sadness.

I pulled out my old computer, I think the best way to get images from it is to get a big Flash drive. Sadly it is so old that every email says to update the browser, but the browsers cannot be updated due to the operating system. Attempting to attach a picture to email was taking a long time. WordPress would not work.

Sometime in the future I will get old images up. Yet, I warn you that the best part of my old work was often the Artist Statement. I discovered you can write an Artist Statement without actually creating anything after art school was out.  I am kind of wishing I had kept a neater ordering system on my old computer. I was lost in old files for a long time, and everything was slow. I did not find the audio work I used to do. I do not remember what I named what.

Anyway, being hopelessly lost in my old computer aside, I created another image to use when I have a Dream that I remember.


Not looking forward to having to cut all the plants in my garden (excluding carrots) to one inch pieces. I have not posted a picture of my garden, because my beginner-ness shows. Everything grew so much this year, that it was overgrown. I had a ring of Marigold around the outside to distract the rabbits, should they get into the fence. They also overgrew, but at least they looked nice. The tomatoes did not look good that way.

Next year, I am thinking of more flowers, and less vegetables. Not sure if I want to do it again next year, now that it is so close to tear down time.

I need to stop designing everything in squares. It might be better to switch to the shape of the featured images on the main page. I like the symmetry of the square page. So I will think about it.

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