One last piece of artwork for the day… (This post has many big images)

Hello World,

Today is a do art day. I went to and a random face to use for artwork. I might not be done with this, but this is it for now, this is what an early image looks like.

Base Photo (which you do not see) credit. WallsFreeImages.com_Martin-WallsAfter I add a bit more detail it starts to look like below. Here are the examples I used earlier today of FanArt, SHINee. In Stage One Complete. After this I move to another program (from Illustrator to Photoshop) for detailed shading. I am just a little unsure if it looked better without all the extra shading.


Stage One ^



Enough of SHINee, here is an example from me.my_face_stage_onemyface

What I do is I work directly on top of the Photo, unlike the figure drawings where earlier today where I just looked at the reference video and had my program squished into a small space at the side. As you can see this direct approach has vastly different results.

For the final shading in Photoshop, after I have created the Illustrator outline, I look at the picture on the side, and draw like I did the figure drawings.

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