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Dream of Awakening

Sorry if I make errors. My vision is blurry from having an eye infection, and I can finally look at a screen today. I am just noting a Dream I had. Well, I’ve had many dreams the last few days, as my body has been trying to fight […]

Open mindedness

Quite a while ago I posted about the difficulties of being open minded. It is difficult to be an open minded educated person, when it comes to the metaphysical. Education often teaches people to laugh at those like Matt Kahn, who talk about the Pleiadians. Yesterday, I decided to […]

Writing my homework

I believe of the Earth as a school that our soul attends to learn. Matt Kahn describes it as an Angel Academy, but I had this belief long before I heard of Matt. I learned it reading NDE’s. We are here to learn, and when I write in […]