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Instead of explaining in comments individually, I am writing this for all who have noticed me commenting less lately. It is just one of those times when I not only post less on my Blog but when I start to read the posts of people I follow, something tells me this isn’t the time.

I have tried to keep up with those who post shorter posts, but I am falling behind on many Blogs.

I have been absorbing shows on as watching takes less energy than reading.

Last week, in the Angel Academy 6, I heard that Matt Kahn was running a special on his latest retreat. Normally his retreats are out of my price range at $295. Yet, with a code, the most recent retreat was $111.

So what did I do? I took the money I was about to go grocery shopping with and the money that for going out to eat/coffee shops… and I decided to live off Spaghetti at home. Long ago I had invested in a lot of Spaghetti noodles on Sale. I haven’t been completely at home, as I realized I had $10 on my Starbucks card and a Reward at Starbucks. Which I used on Food and Drink. I walked all the way to Starbucks, so found myself getting a Larger Drink then I thought I would… then a Large water.

Thankfully a check came in today, so I am no longer unable to grocery shop.

So that was the last of the money I had saved up. It went to the Angel Academy, Bashar, a trip, and 15 hours of a Matt Kahn Retreat… along with temporary being able to Eat out more. I now need to get back into budgeting mode. Unless I can get another Part-Time Job.

… So I guess this is a long way of explaining that I have been walking long distances listening to Matt Kahn. So I am Full of Spirituality right now.

I have been on a Staycation for a while. The volunteer job I work at has not needed me as much, and hours have been limited at the Library due to the Holiday. If I were not spending so much time focused on Spirituality by listening to Matt Kahn… I would likely not have enough Blogs to Follow.

In my Free time beyond going on long walks listening to Matt… I have been doing non-spiritual stuff… like listening to music. I randomly decided to put together a list of Songs where I felt the Singer did a great job putting emotion into their voice. I didn’t completely limit it Adele like singing, but also songs that have the emotion of Joy (Bob Marley.)

It became a long list… be warned that I do not listen to current music, it also includes three K-pop songs. I suggest looking at the titles and picking out any you like.

You can see the kind of Music I used to like. I currently only follow K-pop, but before I discovered K-pop there was J-pop… with artists that I couldn’t find on Spotify, so I had to skip that phase… before J-pop there was Motown. Before that I went through the Rolling Stones Top 500 Songs of All Time… so long ago that they have updated the list to include many songs I didn’t listen to. Before that, I was into Mainstream Music, but nothing stood out from that time as particularly well Sung.

I left some important Artists out of this list that I considered like Bob Dylan. He has an interesting voice, but I always loved him more for his lyrics than singing ability. I also didn’t include Jimmy Hendricks for the same reason.

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    • I was wondering if you would approve of the Spotify. You being a music lover. I have been one at different times in my life too. Right now I just keep up with K-pop bands I follow. I mainly follow bands that make me laugh in their Behind the scenes shows… So no longer base buying music on the music, but because I want some groups to make it.

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