Open mindedness

Quite a while ago I posted about the difficulties of being open minded.

It is difficult to be an open minded educated person, when it comes to the metaphysical. Education often teaches people to laugh at those like Matt Kahn, who talk about the Pleiadians. Yesterday, I decided to discover what Matt Kahn means when he references the Pleiadians. I watched youtube video after youtube video on the subject. Some of this information was what my old self would have referred to as ‘pretty far out there.’ In the back of my mind I could picture my Professors shaking their heads, wondering what happened to all my intelligence. How could I take so seriously what society teaches us to write off as insanity.

On the topic of Open mindedness. I find that is how I must face information on the Pleiadians. In reality, I just don’t know if what is told to me is true or not. Yet, maybe that isn’t what is important. What matters is how I feel about something being true.

In front of me, is a mouse and a computer. Yet, is it really what is in front of me at all. ‘Mouse’ and ‘Computer’ are words. I could also label what is in front of me as vibrating energy formed into matter. Yet ‘Vibrating’ and ‘Energy’ are also words. In the end what I truly know is the space in front of me ‘is.’ ‘Is’ is also a word, but a feeling one.

I think I am getting too overly technical. I can picture a course I took on ‘Conceptual’ art as I write this. I can picture Joseph Kosuth’s, ‘One in Three Chairs.’ Where he has a picture of a Chair, the word ‘Chair,’ and an actual Chair next to each other. I also can visualize Jackson Pollock struggling to disconnect his artwork from the labels of words.

So when I hear ‘Pleiadians,’ and if I disconnect it from labels. What remains? I think it boils down to mainly Love and Hope. Also words, but of a different sort. They also words that require feeling to understand.

There is the concept that an alien race watches over us in Love. They say that humans bred with Pleiadians, and Pleiadians continue to watch out for us. They are said to be able to bring out the best in humans.

Also when I study “Pleiadian” prophecy often it is said that humanity is about to transform for the better. There might be a time of unrest, but, like a butterfly from the cocoon, humanity becomes what it has always dreamed to be.

If I were writing a dissertation. I’d have to spend a lot more time explaining then what is written above. I hope that the main concept comes across. If people stop labeling things as ‘Insane,’ and truly look into them, listening to Pleiadian prophecy can be inspiring. If you suspend disbelief you will go on a journey in the themes of Love and Hope.

Because I am open minded, that there is a possibility of Pleiadians, I am able to experience the videos as they are intended. If I were closed minded, the most I could do is analyze them for archetypes.

So I will not tell you that there is an alien race out there called Pleiadians. I will tell you that it is way that many people, who have been considered outsiders all their life, access a feeling of community. I will tell you that it gives these people hope in a world that seems more hopeless everyday.

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