Writing my homework

mattkahnI believe of the Earth as a school that our soul attends to learn. Matt Kahn describes it as an Angel Academy, but I had this belief long before I heard of Matt. I learned it reading NDE’s. We are here to learn, and when I write in this Blog, it is my homework. Its not like I will be graded on my posts. Yet, somewhere in the spirit world a spirit must look them over to decide how prepared I am to enter the next grade.

So here you are, looking at my homework. It is just homework, however, the true test is in life. A test based on how we live life, and more importantly if how we live life reflects a understanding of who we are. We are each individual notes in the beautiful symphony of life. I get this music metaphor from Soul Shifts, the current book I am reading. How well you play the note that is you, is the real test. We are all beautiful music, when in tune with ourselves each of our notes is pure, and made with Love. Do not be afraid that playing your true tune will turn you into a monster. We are able to make music, and play a pure tune through Love. Matt has a beautiful video about not narrowly defining Love. I will try to remember to add the link to the particular video.

Anyway, even if we are in a test there is no failing. This isn’t like traditional schooling with its lettered grading system. The test is to see if you will understand the next lesson… if you are ready. There is no judgement about how long it takes a flower to bloom, because time is an illusion. You will be ready at the perfect moment for you. This is not an excuse to skip class, to avoid facing challenges. It is just that your don’t need to stress, but allow things to happen naturally.

A lot of spiritual teachers are asking us to put our nose to the grind stone, but I think that is because we have created so many distractions. I will be in the middle of life altering messages, and my phone will buzz.

You know its a good teaching when distractions are overcome to learn it. I was in the middle of listening to one of Matt Kahns videos, and my phone buzzed. I was so absorbed that I ignored it (for once). Then the Universe decided to really test me with distractions. My neighbors started fighting, and yelling. Another neighbor decided to go outside and start yelling, “Hello.” (I think they were trying to remind my fighting neighbors that, despite their personal fight, people were trying to sleep.) I fought all distractions, and continued the video. After a while in my head I projected, “Stop try to distract me!” This didn’t work, and the distractions continued until I was done with the video. I am a master of handling a distraction, and going right back into the learning mode. I am going to Post about GAMING as a distraction next.

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