Update on my reaction to Matt Kahn

I continue to watch the videos of Matt Kahn. He is my favorite New Age Spiritual Master. I resonate with most of his teachings, but not all. I hardly go around outright complementing people with those complements I must want to hear. Yet, I am trying to show more Love to people.

I am a natural at small talk. I have a bit of the gift of the gab, which those who grew up with me would be surprised to hear. So I show Love to the world doing what I would be doing anyway. I small talk with customer service people, and anyone who will hear me. If a holiday is around, I wish them a Happy Holiday.

I also do this as a customer service person myself. I used to be the quietest customer service person. I was so serious focusing on helping people, that I sometimes even forgot to smile. My sister would tell me to talk to the students more, because they were like lost puppies, and just waiting for someone to cheer them up. I work at a very stressful University. Students can get so lost in the pressure of schoolwork that a little small talk, and a smile can do them good.

Even though Matt Kahn says when people are uncomfortable with your complements it is breaking their prison, I take the subtle approach. I respect whatever boundaries a person has. I am like the Ninja of breaking prisons. Sure it seems like I am just relating to you over whatever common ground we have, but that connection is what we all need.

Once a Barista was apologizing for things being so backed up at the cafe. Luckily, I had a dollar to tip. Through that dollar I was staying, “Sure you feel bad that this drink is taking so long because of all the prior orders, but I understand. Good job working so hard.”

I say, try to tip everyone the same no matter the service. It just might be the server who is feeling too horrible to give good customer service, who needs the money the most. Oftentimes the reason servers don’t get tips, is because of things that are not even their fault.

I guess this depends on your country’s customs. Some cultures are offended by tips. Yet, in those places that you can tip. See it as an opportunity to brighten a persons life.

I have been trying the advice in Matt Kahn’s latest video. Today I remembered to set the intention to be more loving then ever before. A few days ago I walked into work, and every step was taking humanity closer to the Justice we have been waiting for. I wasn’t sure why I choose Justice, but when I arrived at work, I celebrated having reached the Justice, it seems we always thirsted for, by getting a drink of… I think it was coffee.

I will post to the latest Matt Kahn video soon.

I am not good at stopping ‘clearing,’ it seems every other New Age teacher is either into Shadow Work, or Forgiveness. Sometimes I feel a little disconnected from Matt Kahn’s videos, because I never put much effort into Shadow Work. I can see where some of the teachings of the New Age could lead to constant clearing, or feeling bad because of still having ‘thoughts.’ Yet, I never went down that road. I experienced a similar road, which I have talked about before. It had many of the same resulting feelings, but I still feel a bit of an outsider sometimes. To me ‘clearing’ is not really something I am exhausted with. I am getting Kyle Gray’s, ‘Wings of Forgiveness,’ anyway.

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