Remembering the achievements you have forgotten

mattkahnWhen we are young, there are so many milestones that we can reach one everyday. We learned how to sit up, and our parents were proud. We learned how to speak one word, and it was groundbreaking. Here I have just written many words, where once I knew none. Why do I not celebrate my hard work? Why do you not celebrate your hard work in learning to read these words?

We have come a long way, and now repeat many of our achievements so effortlessly that we forget to congratulate ourselves. Now in order to congratulate ourselves we need mountains of effort. We congratulate ourselves when we graduate college, but not for everyday that we attend a class. We congratulate ourselves for promotions, but not for the effort of a long (or short) days work. We congratulate ourselves if we have a wedding, but going out with friends on a Friday is overlooked.

I kind of had to step out of that last paragraph, in that my part-time job has few long days of work, and I do not know if I have ever been out with friends on a Friday. To me those would be considered big achievements, still, but to those who do it normally, it is nothing.

Yet, it is something. Celebrate that you can do so many amazing things, where once you were a newborn babe. If you can walk, celebrate learning to walk into a room. If you cannot walk, celebrate learning how to use a wheelchair so well. If you can see, celebrate everything you can see. If you cannot see, celebrate your exquisite sense of hearing.

So I challenge you, to make a list things you have forgotten to celebrate, and celebrate in your own way. I challenge you to make a list of all the things you think are too little to complement yourself for, and complement to the point you feel a little silly.

This post was inspired by the teachings of Matt Kahn. He finds that using humor to complement yourself for things like, ‘Walking into a room while babies are still on their hand and knees,’ or ‘Opening the refrigerator so effortlessly with your Herculean strength,’ to raise the vibration. Above I was trying to write about his teachings without alienating the crowd that doesn’t understand what vibration means.

I forgot to add in humor, but my goal is to raise my vibration, then to learn how to package my favorite New Age teachings in a way that will not scare away people outside of the movement. Humor has never been my strength, so I do not knew if I can do it as effectively.

Matt is my favorite New Age teacher, but I know that many people will be alienated by some of his beliefs. I feel with different packaging, the teachings could be accessible to many more. I was wondering if something like what is written above, or another form, like a Fantasy Novel, could get past the defenses.

This post wasn’t completely a repackaging. It was mainly inspired by his teachings.

I am especially good at noticing when others will be alienated, because that used to be me. In the past, hearing Matt Kahn talk about crystalline D.N.A. would have caused me to write him off as a crazy person. I would not have been able to learn from any of his teachings, because I would have been too caught up in how far his reality was from mine.

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  1. I love celebrating the little things. I think that is a big part of happiness. A book sounds like a great idea. The more people write similar things in different ways, the more people will get turned on to the important things because different people resonate to different ways of hearing things.

    • Sorry, I thought I had responded to this. The response I originally wrote was rushed, and over the phone. I guess it didn’t go through. I have been attempting to write a book for a long time, but can never manage to get very far. My dream as a child was to be a famous enough writer that I could appear on the Rosie O’Donald Show, and get a free laptop, like J.K. Rolling.

      Interesting motivation to be a writer… free laptop. Now my motivation is much different.

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