Log of Wednesday August 26, 2020: The Three Waves

I woke up too early today so was feeling sleepy most of the day. In the morning I made banana milk and stored it in the fridge to have when I was done with fasting at 5pm. At 4:30pm I decided it was close enough and started warming up my leftovers. When you only feed yourself there are often plenty of leftovers and sometimes so many that half the recipe needs to be frozen. Tomorrow I think I might make a Kimchi pancake for the first time and some ramen noodles with green onion and egg. I might also make a kale omelet.

I have the makings for so many different things. I could throw together a kimchi tofu stir fry, you might have guessed I decided it was time to pick up kimchi.

Anyway, before I got distracted with thoughts of what to cook I was talking about banana milk made with real banana. The banana milk increased my sleepiness and I took a nap. I dreamed about talking to someone I worked with at the library. Along with other dreams as well.

I read a little today, but not ‘A Course in Miracles,’ I was half way through Dolores Cannon’s ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers,’ and reading ‘A Course in Miracles’ at the same time when the quarantine started. After that I listened to audiobooks and watched videos instead of much reading. I decided it had been long enough that I should start from the beginning of Dolores’ book. Over the years I’ve completed her ‘Convoluted Universe’ series along with a number of her other books.

Today I also sat in front of my plants and sent them Reiki energy to keep them healthy. I noticed the plants tend to increase the amount of oxygen they give off when you do this until they have had enough energy and go back to normal.

It was overall a quiet day today, I know I need to go back to doing more Yoga because I only walked outside for a little while today.

This post feels complete in that I do not have much more to say. I can write very esoteric information from time to time, but overall keep my insights to myself…

Oh yes, before reading ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers,’ I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Treatment, where I was put into a deep state of hypnosis and asked questions I prepared ahead of time. What I said about my life purpose was that I was naturally doing it just by being on Earth. I was an energy channel and I didn’t even need conscious effort in order to be such. What I did with my life was up to me because I was already fulfilling my purpose.

I paraphrased what I said under hypnosis and did not write the exact wording. Anyway, upon reading ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers,’ I discovered that the second wave of volunteers tends to say exactly what I did under hypnosis for the reason for their life purpose. It is good to have conformation in life experience instead of just written witness.

The second wave tends to stay out of the limelight, but effects everyone they walk past with the energy they are channeling into the world. I guess my way of explaining it is that they are healers who are often unaware of the healing they are doing for the world around them. Dolores says, they are often single with no children. It is designed this way so they can stay away from Karma and not get trapped in reincarnation on Earth. They are beings who came to Earth with the task of channeling energy. Where they come from varies.

My age also lines up with the age of the second wave, I am near the end of the second wave before it turns into the third. The only difference is I do not think I isolate (before Covid) as much as some second wavers do. I used to sit in coffee shops while listening to some very esoteric information on audiobook or just creating digital artwork. My work was also not from home, but at a library.

One of the benefits of being a natural healer is people like to be around you. They like your energy because they tend to feel better when you are around. They don’t know they feel better because you are healing them. They think they feel better because you are treating them with kindness, politeness and respect.

Kindness, politeness and respect are certainly healing energies, so I wouldn’t say they are far off.

If you are reading this post, I’d say you have gotten pretty far off the beaten path of the Internet. Only a few of my writings appear on the beaten path of the Internet. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Dear One,

    I would recommend that you repeat the Greatest Name every day, 95 times a day. It is the greatest vibration in the universe, affecting it to accomplish the Will of God. The Greatest Name is BAHA, as in BAHA’U’LLAH. Therefore, you simply repeat “Allah-u-Abhá.” You may find this chanted version helpful.

    May His love flows over you in greater amounts each day.

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