Channeling the Masters: Jenny Schiltz


Welcome to the second big post in my Channelers category. Jenny Schiltz, I remember reading all of your channels once I came across just one.

Her words were what I needed to hear at that moment. She also greatly inspired the format of my own channeling. For at the end of her channels she would have personal conversations with the being she was channeling. Usually, the one channeled is Quan Yin, but there are others too like Sananda.

I recently got an hour long reading with Jenny Schiltz, and I wasn’t being talkative that day. Usually, I am face to face with a reading, and give lots of backgrounds. Yet, as I was over the phone, I was much quieter. Despite the fact that I wasn’t helping Jenny along, she was able to come up with same key information. Some of which I will not repeat.

She was able to recognize my Fae energy, despite the fact I did not start out asking about the Fae. It was only after she brought up the Fae energy that we talked about Nexus.

She also recognized that my guides want me to be a writer. You might not have been reading my blog when I wrote about writing, but Blogging is my way of multitasking on that effort. I wrote more than one post on this. Here is one, Musings on writing my book. (6 Months ago)

In short Writing posts are practice in writing, and I am building up a platform for if I ever get the strength to tackle writing fiction. She had some good advice on writing. Such as to not get caught up in how others say you are supposed to write.

For a while, I had been reading Immediate Fiction to learn how to write fiction, but didn’t want to be all Stephen King on my characters, so I stopped. Here is a post I wrote two years ago about this, Spiritual Bypassing: Teal Scott teaches me again. I was listening to Teal Swan when I wrote that post. I think she changed her name from Scott to Swan at some point.

Everything else talked about will remain secret.

In short, I liked her channeling so much that I paid to have a reading with her, and she did a good job in the reading. I was actually planning on doing a review of another channeler first, but I saw Jenny had just posted a new channeled message.

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