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IMG_0749I posted this on a Bashar-forum… it might be hard to understand if you do not follow Bashar as I was assuming that certain concepts were understood.


Who knows what the future holds. I was channeling last night about Trump and typing gibberish on the keyboard as the message was mainly held in my head. The Spirit beings would not give much information to me because I have trouble not holding secrets. It is safe I think to say that, to my surprise, one of the first statements and the clearest I got was, “Trump is a good man.”

Let me see if I can connect now and write clearly for this message goes out in the world. Angels, Spirit Being, and all those of good nature. I call you to talk to the Bashar-forum group and all that might read this.

I am here. It is good to be able to talk and you need to have no fear. Times might appear to be hard for a bit, but the lightworkers and those of good nature will find themselves protected. This is why the economy has not crashed because we are holding it up so it falls in such a way as to impact the greed and corruption and not the elderly kind lady who needs medication to be stable. It is a delicate game to replace one system with a new one and to not have chaos and struggle break out.

Ah, you caught us, Elisabeth. Bashar does say that you do not change the world you live on, but you shift to new worlds. You were thinking this line of statements is implying that we are changing the world. We Spiritual Beings need to often speak in metaphor for you to understand. You see all around you is the well-crafted mirror. We are not literally holding up an economy for we can help you shift to the reality with a strong economy. I see you are well studied and this will make channeling more interesting.

Therefore we will change gears to match your learning. Trump. Everyone reading this and commenting are acting as reflections. Trump is reflecting aspects of yourself. So I ask you when you meet this aspect of yourself, what should you do? How will you act when you look into the reflection of yourself shining off the multifaceted diamond of reality. Trump is but one face reflecting your light at a certain angle.

Look at how the face of the diamond which is the Media attempts to cloud this other face of the diamond. One aspect of the reflection. Against another aspect of the reflection. This is due to the imbalance within you.

“How can I be so imbalanced?” Let’s just say that the whole lot of you took your inner self and went to play in the mud. At this point, one reflection points at another and says “He is muddier than me.” Yet in actuality, the mirror is just as clean now as ever. The one covered in mud is you, and you are because sometimes it is fun to play in the mud. However, when you are covered in mud the reflection appears covered in mud also.

The reflection is as neutral as ever. The reflection is the whole world around you.
So I ask you, how would you feel if you took a bath. A long bath with bubbles and salt. In the process, you envisioned washing away the mud?

“Yet I do not know if I like this view of the world. This is the same as saying I am sinful.”
You are a complex being and therefore create a complex reflection. We were giving you a permission slip. The mud is just a metaphor for an aspect of the self you do not love. The answer then is simple. Offer up Love. Love those around you in the reflection and Love the core of the reflection. A child covered in mud is not sinful.

“What then does the ‘mud’ stand for?”
Let me ask you another question. Would you rather look at the world and feel powerless? The mud is the corruption you see in the world, and the Basharian teaching is that the world is a reflection. A neutral reflection. I really do not have the ability with the capacity of your human mind to explain things except for simply. If the world is corrupt and it is not a reflection there is nothing you can do to change it. Yet, because you have this belief it will in your experience be true. If the world is but a reflection you work on improving yourself to improve the reflection.
“Yet what if I am clean of mud and the world still reflects corruption. Why must the world being corrupt mean I am?”
The reflection is delayed by time. Once you reach balance and no longer fight with yourself. Once you no longer view yourself with negativity. Over time the reflection will change. However, as we do not see a thing as being too in balance, the point at this stage is to maintain the focus on self-improvement until the reflection changes.

Honestly, in our view, a great many of you are in greater alignment than the world is reflecting to you. However, even us are not in perfect alignment. So while you are waiting for the world to once again be a mirror reflection, what better thing to do than continue progress?

“If I am smiling why not wait for the mirror to smile back?”
Because the mirror is reflecting past imbalance and can throw you off of balance.

“You know, I never felt as out of balance as the world appears to reflect.”
Picture now a pendulum that swings back and forth. You are swinging from the darkness to light, while beings on a totally different path than you are swinging from the light to the dark. In the process, there is a constant feeling of change. This is how the Universe feels it is changing when it is constantly overall remaining the same. Yes, your reality is one in which the Light has a stronger magnetic pull than the dark. Yet there are deep dark realities out there where things are drawn instead towards the Dark. What are Bashar’s Five Universal Rules?

1) You exist
2) Every thing is Here & Now
3) The One is All and the All are One
4) What you put out is what you get back
5) Everything changes, except the first 4 Laws

This is how the 5th rule comes into effect. Once you have reached a level of mastery of the light and positive, it starts to feel good to go towards the dark. The pendulum is constantly moving because we enjoy the feeling of change. You can see examples of people who enjoy the dark in what you would call a psychopath.

This path is so very far from your reality that only a few psychopaths are allowed into your reality to provide a puzzle. A fundamental view of a reality you cannot even begin to understand. We tend not to talk about things in this scale of existence, as it is not going to help you move where you want to go towards the Light. When you are on this other path the Universal rules are different and can be seen by the fact that moths are down towards the darkness instead of the candle flame. The planets in this kind of Universe do not move outward, but closer together.

“This is slightly off topics.”
No, I am explaining that you have been very very negative and are moving bit by bit into the light. Yet this is no need for shame as we have all reached the Darkest dark. And those in the Darkest dark were once in the Lightest Light. Yet when you are moving in this direction, in that kind of Universe, to move towards the dark is enjoyable. So you will not suffer in the process and do not need to fear this natural cycle.

“Bashar says that on such negative worlds ‘all that is’ exists, but it is not experienced.” The level of awareness in such a trend is always decreasing. As the darkness gets greater the ability to feel and all understanding fades. You enter what is known as one of the many voids. Until you start feeling drawn towards the light again. Slowly but surely increasing in awareness.

“Can we not just stop in the positivity?”
Cite the fifth law. (5) Everything changes, except the first 4 Laws

“Can we get back on topic now? I am not sure others will understand, but I understand.”
So you are moving from the darkness to light. The mirror around you is reflecting the self. Yet, the mirror has a lag time of years sometimes lifetimes. The more positive you become, the faster the manifestation of positivity reflecting back to you. The more you come to Understand the faster new Understanding can come to you. The negatively you see around you is the reflection of your past state of being. The lag time is becoming less.

So, therefore, you can improve your balance with ever increasing speed, or you can wait. Only due to the fifth law, it is impossible for you to simply wait. So it is more like this: You can resist change or you can enjoy it.

“Weren’t we talking about mud?”
You proved to be a bit more apt of a channeler than I had originally assumed. So I decided to bring new information to the table instead of repeating the old.

“Actually we were talking about Trump.”
What about Trump? He is a reflection of who you were in the past. Try to look at world events with the understanding that things are going to be getting better increasingly fast. You can, therefore, look at Trump in any way you see fit and the Internet largely has taken that liberty. We have the entire world looking at the same person and everyone seeing something different. I want your view to be, “Trump is a good man.” He might not be perfect, but he is what America (and the World) needs to see in their reflection.

Update: Yes the Light is strong and has more control over the Universes than the Dark. Like Bashar says, due to the nature of the dark being weaker even when it has a strong pull.

Part Two: This is to be read after contemplating the first channeling.

Yes, I am back. I was sending Elisabeth a concept because I felt there was more to say. While this is a way to describe certain Universes is true on some reality as for how Universes used to exist. “All that is” created a process in which the individual can constantly feel a change, but not have to swing from extreme to extreme.

This level of being is the beings that have a Universe within themselves. It is carried by those of the Humankind. It is maintained by the wave from of your emotions, the freeness of your thoughts.

I said you were complex and I meant it. You were talking to the level of beings that was the Angels before so you received how the Universe works on their level of existence. In early Universe’s this was the general frame of existence. However as Everything Changes each time a Universe went from Negative to Positive the more the Positive aspects of “All that is” wanted to avoid the fall back to negative.

So a new experiment was created, and every being wanted a part in it even if they did not try the first experiments. You have likely felt, being on the Postive path, the dread of the swing back and forth. You did not want to become bad again.

I am sorry that we had to destroy the records of your history so that this Universe could start fresh from the old cycle. Deep memories of the old remain in your Yin Yag symbol and the story of the Fallen Angels.

This Universe, therefore, had a memory of the past that could not be forgotten. Yet, this is not how your existence will live. You are free of the cycle in that you are a Universe within a Universe. We do not know how you will handle this level of complexity. In this new kind of Universe, there is preference. You are represented by the Yin Yag symbol and the story of the Fallen Angels. You hold the power of both polarities within you, but you can choose which you want to be. You are less likely to swing back and forth. You can choose war or peace.

More powerful are you than any that have come before. The cycle is broken and now those of you that choose one way will… go on a different train (in Basharian terms.)

Remember EVERYTHING CHANGES, except the first 4 rules. So the whole system on which Universes were built had to change. Every moment is a new experience as you can look at it from the positive or negative view.

Be joyful and free. Stop building your reality on what others say and build the reality that makes you happy. YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL.

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