As the water boils…

I am going to cook a simple dinner today, but sat down to write. It is always interesting to consider my relationship to writing along with my relationship to digital art. Halfway it a dream for both of them. The idea that perhaps I could survive with this for I have skill in both.

Yet what I want to write about changes. I am still listening to the metaphysical books such as ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ by Jane Roberts and even reading ‘Convoluted Universe’ by Dolores Cannon. Yet it seems the more I know the less I write about knowing.

I don’t feel like writing about metaphysical topics anymore. Usually when I make that statement I suddenly do start being inspired to write on that topic again.

What I want to do is talk about life. Currently I am obsessing of BTS and also playing many games. Vaguely I have this image of being a Youtuber because that is another avenue to make money on the internet. I can envision being popular enough of a Youtuber that I get to interview BTS instead of just watching them from behind a screen.

The idea of being that famous intrigues my ego self. I would very much like to try out my Selfie skills with Taehyung. He is said to be the best at Selfies in BTS.

Still I know that my skill set is not talking behind the camera. In actuality I could become just as famous of an artist or writer.

I hesitate and have been for years. So long has it been since my last post. I no longer categorize myself to limited topics. I am feeling like writing about what I am thinking about at the time. Sometimes my writing will verge on poetic, sometimes deep spiritual as if channeling, yet sometimes I will post about my day.

I have an awesome cat named Jemma who is polite yet demanding of attention. She is the most attention needing cat I have ever known.

For the holiday I have some days off work. Which I have filled with video games, YouTube videos, pick a cards, 10 minutes of cleaning, and now cooking.

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