The forbidden words…



Is it really coming around the corner? This great transformation on all levels. Where the corruption boils away, and pure water remains? The story of humanity is filled with metaphor. The World written like a story. There are archetypes and plots.

The Channelers are speaking of change brewing in the winds, but the World is mainly a place to play out personal drama. Even in a transformed World there is no certainty of happiness. Just like winning the lotto doesn’t make people happy forever.

I cannot speak of the changes within and without the World. I know I have changed and grown considerably. I am growing into a person who can be happy regardless of if the Channelers are right.

I have been adrift without a goal for a long time. Facing each day as it comes, and the days formed into a pattern almost my themselves. The Seven day repeat. I remember the drag of Primary School Days. Where the Seven days repeated with only two off.

I remember loving and dreading Summer. I loved the lack of School. I dreaded the days with only television to entertain me. For most my Summer was spent at home, mainly alone. My siblings would go off with friends, or work. My parents would go to college or work. Just me and my T.V. as celebrity news repeated on mTV.

The time is ripe for change, much longer and it will be over-ripe. It is still the first month of 2016, and it is true that it feels like much longer we have been in 2016. I stepped off the stage of Channeling. I haven’t even been Channeling for myself.

It is not the right time for my Channeling. I do sense change is coming, but it might be unlike anything imagined. So unimaginable that I haven’t felt called to waste time in an attempt to envision it.

How many weeks has it been since R.V. was minutes away. I never invested in R.V. so do not particularly care. It is the rest the I care about. How many minutes is it till important change occurs, not the get rich quick dreamers. Because when I hear talk of R.V. what I see is people not focusing on the important change, and getting caught in the superficial.

You speak of Healing Ships that could let blind see, the lame walk, and you think it is more important to know when R.V. is happening?

These are my personal thoughts while listening to some Channelings. I had to stop quite a few. I am being judgmental today I guess. You are free to judge me all you want. I am only giving words to my feelings inside. Likely no one will read this. I can only Love the one that Judges. Love the one that complains.

The secret is, I am worried this great change will never happen. It is far to many people choosing to focus on the World as the problem instead of making the changes they need to make inside. If you are unhappy in your life now, how is changing governance going to suddenly be the ticket to joy.

Instead, let go of the wait. Forget looking to the World to make changes, and discover the changes occurring in yourself. For on a personal level, the change is well underway. If by chance the World happens to change around you, you will be ready to be happy in that new world.

There I have said it, the unpopular words I have been keeping inside. Much credit given to Matt Kahn, in something like this. The teaching was hard for me to accept too. Yet, it just might enable you to end the endless wait. Because the world is not going to change until after we do, but here we are not changing anything because we are waiting for the world to change for us.

I understand this concept, but still I want the world to change when listening to Channelers who only focus on the transformation of the world. Still I wait instead of making the changes that are very apparent need to be made. I need to get the energy flowing in my life. My power of manifestation does not go smoothly when so many areas of my life have been stuck.

The two main areas I need to focus on are, exercise, and more social interaction. I need to join clubs. I’ve known this for a long time. Once I get these wheels moving, finding a job with more hours might be easier.

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