The Wait till later Intuition and Explanation of Channeling

Let me describe a feeling I sometimes get when faced with a new Channelings. I will open up the page, and a flush of emotion runs over me. The emotion says, “I don’t want to read this now.”

This Intuition can come from even my favorite Channelers, and often I will go back and read the Channeling later. I find it funny that I will be thinking lets go read this Channeling, and like a switch is flipped suddenly I cannot focus on the words. As sometimes I ignore the feeling and try to read anyway. Yet, the words just don’t seem to register in my brain.

There a a few Channelers, who I enjoyed in the past, who have started overwhelmingly giving me the feeling of, “I don’t want to read this.” So much that I have stopped visiting their sites. This is how I know that a Channeler isn’t right for me, and why I am constantly on search for a new one.

I don’t think there is a single Channeler who hasn’t at one point given me that “Don’t read (or listen) now feeling.” Perhaps it is that the message will be better understood in the future, or that I am no longer on the same note of frequency as I once was.

You see we are each playing our frequency like a talented musician. It is constancy in flex, and so is everyone else. A Channeling will record the frequency the Channeler is at in the moment, but they too will change. So I have been called to return to an old Channeler before.

Explanation of Channeling Starts.

I have spoken about Channeling a lot lately. Other words could be used in its place, like teacher. Matt Kahn most recently used the word, Guide. I like the kind of writing that a person naturally does when Channeling. It is a bit different then other forms of writing.

For the Channeler spends less time analyzing what is written. They put faith in the source, and this faith allows them to speak on topics they might not feel qualified to do if not reaching to a Higher Source. Hence, you come across topics that are rarely written with such confidence written with little doubt.

What is truly sad is that oftentimes the same Channelers would get no attention if they were presenting the same Information as their teachings instead of of as a Channeling.

Sometimes, when listening to Bentinho Massaro, I wonder at the fact he is not Channeling, but presenting everything as himself. Yet, besides the difference in wording it might very well be the same. He just has the confidence to speak his truth without having to tell himself that he is Channeling knowledge from a Higher Being. He sees that he is already a High Being.

He never went through the stages of Channeling (that I know of) where he came to realize that the beings Channeled are in fact a part of himself. His Confidence is Rare. It is Bold.

Matt Kahn realized his Channeling was in fact him accessing different parts of himself. You see what people often fail to understand (because they are told otherwise) is they have the same wisdom as the being they Channel. The being they are Channeling is difference faces for parts of themselves they do not realize.

Yet, this is a simple way of explaining it. For so too are these parts separate. Just as you are not me, but all is one. As we are all the same at source, and hooked into the same Consciousness. We all have the same core wisdom. Our Individuality exists on the surface where we experience the world. Yet, with practice we can all Channel like the Masters. For the Master we are Channeling is a part of us.

Yet, your Channeling will be different then another’s. When we pull this core Master persona of the Consciousness to the surface, the knowledge is translated through the different levels of your Individuality. It lines up as best it can with your experiences being understood at the Individual level.

Think of the Core Consciousness like the Earth with many mountains. I got this metaphor from Bentinho, and will expand upon it to my own understanding. The single mountain is the Individual. The further up you go on the mountain the more separate you are from the Core Earth. The more Individual you feel. As the Mountain you can stay on the top level or reach deeply into the Earth that is also a part of all the Mountains around you.

The Earth is our shared Consciousness. We live and experience life walking on the Earth, but our eyes are at the level of the Individual. Yet, our Conscious self isn’t limited to the location of the eyes in the head. We have another eye that can travel. It can Travel anywhere into the Core Consciousness (or above) and send back a signal to the Individual. This is the Third Eye. In a way we will always be at the Individual where different parts of ourself exist. Yet, we are also part of the Infinite Earth below the Mountain.

Our Brain is at the Top of Our Mountain (though we can actually go Higher into the Individualization just as we can go deeper into the Core.), and our heart is a little deeper down then the Brain. Another bus stop on the Path to the Core Earth Consciousness is our Gut. Where we can get Gut feelings.

Yet, we are not limited to stopping at the feet of the Mountain, but can Ground deeply with feeling roots ever growing deeper into the Core Earth Consciousness. So another Metaphor that could be used is the tree. However, the tree Metaphor does not capture the feeling of expansion as you go deeper that the Mountain does. The Tree Metaphor better captures the Path of Self feeling with roots growing deep.

At Ground Level (feet) the Mountain enters a stage where going deeper involves a great feeling of expansion. Many at this point become like the tree roots to navigate this deep level while staying small, but I think Bentinho continues to be the Mountain and try to feel the entire of the Core Consciousness.

Either way, this is using a Metaphor to explain. We are Mountains of the Earth, walking on two legs with roots like a tree reaching deep into the Core. It would appear that the air is separate from us. Yet, the air is too a part of the Mountain. We look through the Air to others Mountains and use the Air to feel the Other Mountains. We see through the Air to other Mountains, and use our Individuality to analyze that Mountain. Sometimes we need to reach deeply into the core to understand that other Mountain. Psychics are extremely good at sending their Third Eye out into the air to fly like a bird.

Through the different levels of experience we navigate. Some Mountains are content to be at the Eye Level, and never send the Third Eye out to explore. Yet, if you are reading this, you have likely used your Third Eye to connect with many levels beyond which some humans are content to leave unexplored. We visit the Angels in Prayer. We Ground ourselves deep in meditation. We explore like Children who have just learned to run.

This is a huge amount of Metaphor, and feel free to completely disagree with me. As I am not Channeling, but writing from my own experiences. It is greatly influenced by Channeling I have read, and Teachers I have listened to. It might not resonate with you, and feel free to only believe what feels right to you personally. For you are another Mountain. So far distant from me, that I cannot even see you. I am like a Whale singing in the Ocean. I do not see you, but I sing anyway.

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