Memories from Middle School


I had only one person who sat by me in the Middle School Lunchroom. We were the table of outcasts. I was a good listener at the time, but when I spoke, I tired to entertain. To me entertaining was talking about crazy ideas of how the Universe could work. Few are my memories of these random ideas that came to me, but I realize now, that I was channeling these ideas.

My friend has later stated, that while they had thought I was making all that stuff up, they have been coming across the things I talked about. I think they now think that I was some sort of scholar, and did not in fact just make all that stuff up. (I was creating as I spoke… I made it all up, but with a seamless channeling state.)

Before I used as example of my crazy ideas (last time I wrote about this) the following conversation.

Me: What the Universe is inside of the body of someone named God, and inside us is another Universe? (I think I was reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at the time.) The Earth would be a cell in that body.

Friend: The Earth doesn’t look like a cell.

Me: What if the Earth was just a part of a cell?

Friend: Then humans would be a virus.

Me: *Silence. While Pondering.*

Insert Today: I think my friend was very wrong about humans being a virus.

Anyway, I gave that example before… if not quite so clearly. I really have very limited memory of what I spoke about back then… other then it was fun.

The following is a story idea I pitched to my friend while at recess.

Me: What if I wrote a story, and then at the end the character wakes up? They remember everything about the life in the story for a few seconds, and then they forget it like a dream. Then they go to sleep the next day, and there is another story that the character wakes up from, only to forget.

Friend: That is depressing.

Me: What if that is what happens after we die?

Insert Today: I think you already know that the Channeler who reminded me of this moment was Bashar. As he is my current focus. (Sorry Kyron, and teachers Matt Kahn/Bentinho.) I cannot say what he channeled (copyrighted), but what he said rang true to me because I remembered thinking deeply about the same thing as a child.

I came up with this storyline in Middle School, and never wrote the book.


After studying Near Death Experiences. I no longer wonder if this life is a dream I will wake up from only to forget. I think I will always have some memory of it. Spirits appear, based on one  N.D.E. to have the ability to relieve any life, any time they choose. So if they need a refresher on a particular life, they just relive it all in an instant.

Say you are a Spirit fresh from Earth, you come across a spirit who is a little fuzzy about their Earth Life, or never has lived on Earth. In order to have an understanding of you, that Spirit either relives the life they had on Earth before, or goes and has one. As the Spirit World is timeless, all you will notice is the Spirit dimming in and out very quickly.

They then come back to you with an understanding of where you are coming from. I wish I had taken notes on which Near Death Experience gave me which concept. Either way, it is somewhere on Angelicview.

Found it…. here is the quote from the N.D.E. I am remembering as I write:

I became aware of other voices, the orbs or other souls around me I could hear them communicating to each other. There seemed to be cliques of orbs that were together.  They spoke to one another about their lives on Earth and all they had perceived and felt. They shared not only in words, but in sharing the experience. If one orb couldn’t understand, it disappeared and then reappeared.  The orb somehow went back to Earth and experienced that “life” to further understand. I understood that here time did not exist and these being could manifest themselves at any time on Earth they desired. These orbs or rather “souls” would leave this realm and detach themselves with this universe and return to the universe of our Earth. There they would live and die, then return and share the experience with all the other souls. A soul that could not understand the experience could go and live that life also to experience that life. I learned we have many lives, past, present and future.


Bashar focuses on the Now-ness. Even though this N.D.E. learned of many lives, notice that this realm the spirits are in is ‘Now.’ They can live a life from any time in Earth’s history because there is no time. They are not time traveling to do this.

Rereading this N.D.E. I came across many good quotes. I am picking this one.

I learned why bad things happen to good people. If nothing bad ever happened to us we would all basically be the same. It is like metal in a forge you have to heat it and strike it repeatedly to make a useful tool from it. We start this life with a blank piece of paper. With every incident we experience, a part of the blueprint is recorded until a complete plan for an individual is created. The end of our lives is dictated by this blueprint. To live happily in this realm is to become aware of the blueprint and change it.


I think I will be reading some N.D.E. on NDERF tomorrow.

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