Oracle Reader: Michelle Patterson: Angel Souls

I used to listen to many Oracle card readers on Youtube. Now I am down to just one. Michelle Patterson from Angel Souls.

Her website is She is currently working on writing a book and even has a page for all those spiritual Writer Souls to comment.

Some of her weekly readings have been very on point. I find it interesting to listen to a message and wonder how this could play out in the week.

I will not be posting her weekly reading, but thought that this video from her would be helpful. (Accidentally posted wrong one at first.)

In this video, she says she Channels her readings so I am listing her as a Channeler. I have never gotten a reading from her, but if I do I might ask her permission to write a review on my blog. I guess I will post last weeks Oracle reading. This one was a little different than her normal reading. Yet, you can go back and listen to other weeks to see if she lines up with you.

Just watched this week’s reading and felt it had good points.

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  1. Yes, I listen to Michelle’s weekly posts, even though i fervently believe that we can all receive guidance and counsel from the angels without third-party help. Michelle comes off very much like a friend who shares your belief and has a brain, so it’s good to hear what she has to say. I tried Doreen Virtue for a few months, but was appalled when I went back to check her 2016 yearly reading, which I hadn’t heard at that point, to see how it had played out–she actively campaigned against presidential candidates to suit her own personal ideas when she was supposed to be interpreting for the angels. I also got massively tired of hearing how we need to buy all of Doreen’s products to support the work to save animals on her RANCH IN HAWAII. Every time we do, we help some piggy avoid becoming pork chops–not to mention making it possible for her to live on a RANCH IN HAWAII. I’ve known people who do animal rescue from studio apartments, know what I mean? You have to very careful, but I look forward to Michelle’s posts.

    • Thank you, Doreen was helpful to me more as an author then Angel Card reader. I have only watched a few of her youtube weekly readings. She is certainly a business women who is also very spiritual. She creates her own reality around her on levels that are Masterful.

  2. Hi. This reader is good to watch on YouTube. But I had reading from her in a number of occasions and they had been very contradictory. I would warn you to not take personal readings too seriously.

  3. Michelle says her opinion with such confidence and conviction I was so convinced by her readings. But then she contradicted her self in the follow up readers. So I no longer believe what she has to say. I think we are our own best advisors. We don’t know what angels will communicate through her. They may not have our best interest at heart. I think it’s better for people to focus on developing them selves and learning to trust their own judgement. I have been burnt by these readers.

  4. The best spiritual advice I ever got was to live in the now and be very mindful and aware. Unfortunately in my early 20s I went to angel card readers who misguided me. If you are going to be a reader pls realise that you are taking on a very big role. Your advice could stare someone away from their true spiritual path.

    • Why do you think that God would not put them right back on their path if they strayed? You found more confidence in your own knowing. I have addressed this topic many times and written about why I do not want to be an Tarot/Oracle Reader. I have been greatly helped by readings in the past, but never give my power away to the reader. Angels would always have your best interest in mind and sometimes the best interest is to be misguided so that you learn to guide yourself. You gave too much of your own power away, but now you know to never do that again. Your comments are valued, as you are not the only one who has had a tough time discovering their personal power. Some people want the experience of being guided by another, that is what readings are for. It is kind of like talking to a person as opposed to writing. I will attempt to link to when I addressed the topic in my next reply.

      • Yes. You are right. I gave my power away. I relied on her reading too much at a time I was vulnerable. But universe has been kind to me and has given me more opportunities to get my life back on track. I am just having a bit of time letting go of what he happened. Thank you for your reply.

        • But readers like Michelle should understand how impactful their words are specially when people feel lost. It is very dangerous to guide people when you don’t know the full story. I think seeing a therapist is far better than seeking spiritual advisors.

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