The Last Day of 2015

Say Goodbye to 2015, as its last hours pass. As the sun sets today, tomorrow comes the New.

Will the promises be kept? As the many disciples of Hope gather around their own particular master… so many of which are making promises of Gold.

In fact so many masters are speaking of Gold, that it is rare to find the one who does not. Yet, they are there… smiling gently knowing that Gold is not the limit of the treasures within.

What will come of this weather? This Highly promised New Year. I cannot continue the narrative for it needs to play out in time.

The stage is set, and the pieces are laid. All the while we wait for the next move. Are we the chess players, or the audience whispering about game. Are we the pawns, the knights, queens or kings.

The answers to these questions vary from master to master. For the answer is that we are all. We are the one making the move, and the one waiting for the move. We are the ones playing and watching. We are each piece in this game.

The time of gathering around a master is ending. Each of us will realize we are our own guidance. We can speak the wisdom of the ages to ourselves. For we created that wisdom. We lived the ages.

Be a disciple to your own heart. As you are all the pieces in the game, ultimately you know the next move.

So think instead of your former master as a talented musician who plays a song for your heart. How does the information make your heart feel. Listen to the music while painting your reality, but realize that only you can paint your canvas. The song is to inspire you to keep painting.

The questions can be deep, the questions can be deafening. In the end, it does not matter if the musician was right, or wrong. What matters is that they kept you painting. They kept you from the dark nights, where artist block leads to withdrawal.

For on the canvas of our Reality, we are all Master painters. Each painting a masterpiece that will make our Souls proud.

Worry not of tomorrow, or the New Year.

In a way, you are thinking Channelers and Card Readers are the same. In both cases the future could unfold in many ways. Whatever way the future unfolds, you are the master who will navigate the waters. Take back your power.


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