I do not accept…


Here I am. Just deleted what I wrote. It was about having a cold, and having decided to ration my Angel Academy to allow Integration time. Quite a bit of writing about Halls Cough Drops, and how they make my whole mouth numb, and my stomach hurt.

It was a rough night, but now I have energy, and it is getting close to bedtime. Perhaps two days without Angel Academy is enough Integration? I am avoiding going to bed, and avoiding tomorrow. I miss the late hours of surfing the web in silence. I am tempted to stay up late again.

Time keeps on passing. Here I am again, right before Friday. This loop of my life, the seven day repeat. Why do I feel this inward pull. Something must be coming on the wind. For a nervous energy is inside of me.

I do not accept that bad things have to happen in order for the good to come. The good can come rolling in on wings of joy. Let the joy pour in. I am vaguely talking about recent channeling I have read that say the grocery stores will be picked empty, and unrest comes before the new order. Why do humans always picture things this way? Why most the old come crashing, and temporary suffering be needed for a change to come?

I do not accept it. I can co-create something better. Let instead this be the time that the masquerade ended, and we adjourned to the bouquet. Let the lies come out, but in such a way that nothing good fell apart. Less people went hungry instead of more.

As a conscious creator, I do not have to create something just because others think it so. When the movies show disaster is needed to continue the plot, before I have spoken out in my mind, “I do not accept it needs to be this way.” For the movie was a metaphor for life, cleverly written. So by showing me this concept of destruction being needed for the Heroes Plot, I say, “Not on my timeline.” (This was the most recent Star Wars movie.)

Dear channelers, I will accept your work up to a point. The point that it is anything other then inspiring, I pick up my own pencil and write my way. You will be surprised to find, I am not the only writer who no longer sticks to the Heroes Plot. We have overplayed that Plot, and now it is time for inovation.



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  1. I agree with you, I don’t feel everything has to be destroyed to be re-built. Many of the channeled messages that go into “fear mode” don’t align with my reality. So I don’t participate, and I remember not to read those people’s messages ever again. If someone channels messages of Hope, Joy, and Peace, those I can relate with. I do feel every channel is channeling correct info (For their own reality) , and maybe it is right for them, for the world to be destroyed, but we can choose our own experiences to happen with Ease and Grace not participating in their reality. ❤ I love that you are discerning, and choose to follow your own path.

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