Matt Kahn

My two favorite Mantras


Let the Spirit of Love encompass you. I am about to reveal my two favorite Mantras to be repeated in meditation till your hearts content. I learned both from Matt Kahn, and find them to be both simple and powerful. He did not introduce them as a Mantra.

  • 1. I Love You.

The is the simple phrase, “I Love You.” It can be directed towards the self, or any situation you feel needs Love. Today I repeated it for over 40 minutes. Let me describe it to you. I was upset by the 16 year old Idol in the heat of a controversy, and feeling powerless. So I held all the people involved in my mind and repeated, “I Love You.”

Here is the beginning of the “I Love You” list,

To the Chinese Government that announced her as a traitor, “I Love You.” To the Chinese people who are misunderstanding Tzuyu, “I Love You.” To JYP who is worried about the welfare of all his children (the artists in his company), “I Love You.” To Tzuyu who is currently going through a harsh life lesson, “I Love You.” To SM Entertainment who is often said to mistreat their artists, “I Love You.” To YG Entertainment that receives all the attention, “I Love You.”  To South Korea, “I Love You.” To the people in North Korea, “I Love You.” To the people in horrible prisons in North Korea, “I Love You.” To the people starving in North Korea, “I Love You.” Even to the bad guy, Kim Jong-un, I offer you an “I Love You.” (Secretly in hopes it can help transform you into the good guy.) To the relationship between Taiwan and China, “I Love You.”

The power of “I Love You” is that it can seamlessly transfer to saying it to yourself. So somewhere in this long list was, to me for wanting to change peoples life lessons, and not respecting that sometimes a path must be walked to grow. For worrying about relationships between people I have never meet, “I Love You.” For ultimately Tzuyu can overcome this hardship and shine brightly. All these relationships between countries or territories are for the people in those countries/territories to use to grow stronger. I would like my “I Love You’s” to transform reality, but it is more important for me to speak my mind and show my support.  Speaking my mind is so you can consider my view, you don’t have to accept it. May my “I Love You,” comfort you, but not suggest you are anything other then divine. Let the words go as far in transforming the situations as is right.

I do not really understand the relationships in Asia. For example if given the chance to change something in China, I would say that the United States isn’t exactly perfect either. I do not have enough education from my bias Western upbringing to know how to make the best choice. It is for the Chinese and not me to interfere.

However, it is pretty clear that if I could turn North Korea into a more free government I would. I think North Korea is the exception where I would feel free to make my “I Love You’s” more effective then just support on people’s journeys.

  • 2. May You Be Blessed

Repeating this phrase is for when the “I Love You” doesn’t feel right. Perhaps you are not yet ready to be repeating “I Love You” and be meditating. “May You Be Blessed” has a similar healing quality to it. So I could have gone through the long list above with these words instead, if it felt like the most potent words for the situation.

So next time you are presented with a situation seemingly beyond your control that frustrates, or upsets you, get your blessings and ‘I Love You’s’ ready. Even if you do not see immediate change know that on some level, your support is felt.

My current Intuition on the Tzuyu matter is that this will pass, and make Twice even more famous. Now countless fandoms have heard about the group, and many have felt deeply for Twice. If this situation was brought up in a way to try to keep Twice from becoming too popular, it will backfire. For I am sending my prayers, and “I Love You’s” to the matter. I have added positivity to the Internet in the form of fan posts. (I honestly wasn’t yet a fan before the event.) I am just wondering how long it will take before Twice becomes popular enough that China will allow Tzuyu to promote there.

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