Matt Kahn

Sleepy Day

pink_light_green_whiteToday I already took a two hour nap, and I just want to snuggle into my blanket, again. I will be paying for my two hour nap when it is harder to fall asleep tonight as a result.

Last night, as you might have noticed, I had a late night post. After finishing listening to that Angel Academy that I paused to take time to write, I fell asleep thinking, “I Love You.” I actually was at first repeating, “May you be blessed. I Love You. All is Well.” Yet as I drifted closer to sleep it shortened.

Before I knew it I came back to consciousness. It was like I had been somewhere, but only had a vague idea of having existed. This is the kind of OBE I have, one where I come back knowing I wasn’t sleeping, but also not knowing much else.

I started right where I left off, repeating “I Love You,” in my head. The next stage of the night included actual sleep, but I woke from that sleep repeating “I Love You,” too.

Sooner or later I settled into dreams deep enough that they were not just the dream of repeating, “I Love You.” The night passed, and I was woken in the morning.

When the day settled, and I returned home, I was on my computer. I was feeling sleepy, so I decided to nap for a half an hour. It is very rare for me to stick with a half an hour nap. Once I am in the sleep mode, it can be hard to motivate myself to get up unless necessity arises.

I have been working on this getting up, before necessary to fix my hours. I only hope that my long nap did just ruin them. As I started to type this post, I was wanting another nap. Yet, energy has returned to me now.

I have now sat here a while after the last paragraph finished. My mind drifted to many things, as I wondered if this post was over. It is short, but I cannot think of what else to report.

I realize that I have been talking about Matt Kahn a lot lately. As I slowly make my way through the Angel Academy he has been offering many insights. The funny things is that while each recording of the Angel Academy was at least a week apart, for me it is but one day apart. So a new teaching will arise and I will have one day to focus before the next teaching.

I have to wait till the right time of day to start listening. Unless I am alone and unlikely to be interupted.

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