Matt Kahn: Beyond the Ordinary: Monday Jan 11


I have received the email from John Burgos host of Beyond the Ordinary Show (I’m on the mailing list). Matt Kahn is opening up Season 9, and the countdown to the Live show as begun.

The Link I just posted is to the Live page, it includes when the show will be in the different time zones (Monday, January 11, 2016, 5:00pm PT / 7:00pm CT / 8:00pm ET / 1:00am 1/12 GMT). I’m hoping that I am not busy, but he always keeps the show up for a limited time after in case I miss it.

This particular Beyond the Ordinary Show is titled: The Future of Spiritual Evolution.

Let’s talk about the Special Offer that Matt Kahn is running for this show. It is the offering from session 7 and/or the offering from session 8. It is cheaper to get both offerings than to get them separately. So the offer that just Sold Out, is now available again.

Because I had saved up money to buy the session 8 and session 9 Offers. On a whim, I went to an older Beyond the Ordinary Offer from Matt Kahn. I hope he doesn’t mind me getting an offer from so long ago. As I felt a little guilty, even though I broke no rule, I decided to advertise the show to settle any upset Karma.

I promise to further even out the Karma by Donating the price difference between what I paid, and the cost of the same on his web store. I just will spread out the repayment over many months… it also might be paid back at only $5-10 per month as I am the only one keeping score.

Tomorrow I am giving the book, Whatever Arises Love That, to my eldest sister. She might refuse until later, but I want her to have one of my extra copies so that she can read it whenever it calls to her.

Matt Kahn will not be back on the Beyond the Ordinary Show until October.

I think it is the Special Offers that makes Beyond the Ordinary stand out in my mind. I love the show but was too tempted to spend money I didn’t have each time I listened. (Everyone who appears on the show has a Special Offer for that show.) So I personally had to stop listening to avoid the disappointment of knowing of yet another offer I cannot currently afford.

The guests on the show are top rate, and John Burgos is talented at interviewing. You likely will not have my problem of wanting to get every Special Offer. So give Beyond the Ordinary a try!

I canceled my (Spiritual Netflix) and set up a monthly $10 donation to Matt Kahn. My calculator says it will take a little over 12 months to pay back the difference.

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