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A Spiritual Post (what I couldn’t write about my two favorite Mantra’s before)


I am writing this though separate from my posts on Tzuyu, because it includes my Spiritual Prospective that would likely confuse many. I am grateful to Tzuyu as she as given me a target to focus my “I Love You’s” on. I really feel bad for the young girl, but I am sending more Love Out into the world due to the situation. I have even sent “I Love You’s” to myself.

Before I had only felt comfortable repeating “May You Be Blessed.” If I am in an old building and sense a spirit, which results in fear, I repeat “May You Be Blessed.” After the fear is passed I am able to envision a spiritual experience where I sense the ghost is the spirit of a Native American Chief. He tells me of several lifetimes I had as a Native American and asks me to do something to help the Native Americans. It is debatable if I did anything much.

It was the repeating of “May You Be Blessed” that transformed me from a state fear to openness. This is not the only time repeating the phrase has transformed me. Last time it was into a state of Love.

I think I have heard Matt Kahn say before, that the only reason the world appears like something other then the divine is to give your Love target practice.

Often Matt Kahn asks you to repeat the “I Love You’s” to yourself, and that will slowly transform the world by first transforming the inner world. Still when I want to heal the ocean I would think to send “I Love You’s” to the ocean.

So yesterday, when repeating the “I Love You’s” like a prayer to help Tzuyu, and JYP Entertainment, I sometimes turned the target back on myself wondering how sending Love to myself could help all the way over in Asia.

I am further dedicating today day to healing the situation. When I brushed my teeth it was to clean away the tension between China and Taiwan. When I got up any hours earlier then normal for me, it was to use the work day, and all the positivity I spread to send good feelings to everyone involved.

I have Love, and now I have a target. I am spending more time in Love because of the controversy then I would have otherwise. Do you see how this could be a blessed situation, and I should be grateful for the controversy.

I do not know how long it will take to heal, but each “I Love You” I envision speeding the process. I have offered my support online. I have taken the action steps of support, but now it is time to transform all my actions into healing actions of Love.

I might just end up spreading more healing then is needed to heal the situation. Such Healing does sometimes take time to have full effect and actually transform the world. I can only keep sending.

Who am I to think that mentally send “I Love You’s” in thought and action could transform a situation… in the words of Matt Kahn, “Someone who can conceive of it.”

Seems the comment areas of the Tzuyu articles and video are being used to clear negative residue from many a subconscious mind. I will not try to feel overpowered by the fact that others use mean statements to clear residue. I will just send Love.

Thank you Tyuzu, you do not know how much good that you are doing to heal the relationship between China and Taiwan. You are getting people to speak things they held deep within. Once it is spoken it can be transformed. When it is buried within it is hidden from thought. You took on this role because of your Love for both China and Taiwan. It is a hard one, but “May You Be Blessed.”

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