News on iPad Pro


After spending a great deal of the amount I had saved, I got it in my mind to simply buy the iPad Pro with a monthly payment, however, first I called up my sister to talk it over. She asked me: “Did you ask Mom for help?”

Me: “No.”

Eldest sister: “I know because Mom tells me you never ask for help.”

So I proceeded to ask my Mother for the money to be paid back a little each month. She started to suggest that she would just buy me the iPad Pro, but I told her that it was important I pay for it. She was already helping me, because I wouldn’t have to worry about if something came up and I missed a payment.

My Mother asked if I could wait to May 10th, which was a little after their upcoming vacation.

A few days later, I texted my sister with the plans. Telling her about Mom suggesting she just buy me the iPad Pro without me having to pay for it, and me saying, “No.”

She texted back, “Mom loves you. Whether she gives you an iPad Pro gift or not.”

So I have started to suspect that my Mother is making me wait till May 10th because she is debating if she wants to simply buy me an iPad Pro. Either way, I requested 24 months to pay my Mom back, so payments would be low. Plus, it is a zero stress loan… if I miss a payment my Mom will not start charging me Interest.

You see, I had been using a manifestation technique from Matt Kahn. I call the technique: The Talk About What You are Trying to Manifest with Everyone Technique. It has a long name.

Now I am soon to be in the manifestation technique phase from Bashar. I call this technique: The Use the iPad Pro to Make Lots of Art Technique. Bashar charges for his teachings, but I think I can explain this phase better: The Take Time to Enjoy a Manifestation Phase.

It is all too tempting to continue trying out different techniques, to report successfulness. The next technique I plan I using is: The Don’t Tell a Soul What You are Trying to Manifest and Trust the Universe Technique.

It was talked about in this Dianne Bischoff James interview. It sounds like a fun idea.

Problem? I still haven’t completed the Matt Kahn or  Bashar technique. It took me a long time to think of what I wanted to manifest next, and I am not sure yet if I really want it. Either way, I cannot tell a soul.

Shhh, Universe you cannot tell the secret.


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