The Boldest form of ‘Like’


Throughout the digital platforms there are various forms of ‘Like.’ Yet, there seems to be an unspoken rule in across all of society. This rule seems to cross many cultures. We do not ‘Like’ ourselves. For a while it didn’t even occur to me that this was a possibility. Yet, then I accidentally clicked ‘Like’ on twitter.

When I was a Blogger, there was a time when I wrote for the ‘Likes.’ I was good at it too. It was a little game, to see which style of post received the most ‘Likes.’ Every now and then I would write a post, that I felt would receive many ‘Likes,’ but there were none. I’d think to myself, Well, I liked it. I knew by then that I could ‘Like’ myself. Yet, I didn’t make that bold move.

I no longer write for the ‘Likes.’ When I did, the percentage of ‘Likes’ to posts was very high. Now it is pretty low. I just keep on writing about whatever I feel inspired to, and occasionally I will get a ‘Like.’

I have examined other Blogger’s posts, to see if they ‘Liked’ themselves. It is very rare to find someone who does. It makes me wonder, if it is some unspeakable taboo to have that confidence, like posting too many Selfies in a row. (I broke the too many Selfies in a row secret taboo to enter the CruiseSmile Sweepstakes, and have broken it again since.)

So I am curious, as I choose to finally break another unspoken taboo and like my own post, “Why don’t you ‘Like’ your own post/image/tweet/comment/etc. Isn’t your ‘Like’ the only one that really matters?

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