Adventure of the Day


I’d say the the biggest adventure I had today was attempting to use the techniques of a Neti Pot, with no Neti Pot. I was unable to go out and get one today, and requested my sister to help. She was too tired today, and I would have had to wait till tomorrow.

Thinking things through, I decided that there had to be a way to get the effects of a Neti Pot with no Pot. So I looked it up Online.

I did not have baking soda, but knew that many solutions for the Neti Pot just called for Salt. So I put the 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a mug. Then I boiled two cups of water in my teapot and poured it over the salt. I waited for the solution to cool (it was supposed to be lukewarm, but my solution was on the cooler side.)

I then had the fun of irrigating my sinuses. After I had done both sides once, and blown my nose into a tissue, I had a lot of solution left over. So I repeated the process many times. I was unsure if I was supposed to use the whole thing up or not. Once I had used up half the solution, I figured my nose was clear enough.

I admit that this isn’t the first time I have put water in my nose. After hearing about a Muslim practice where in order to enter a holy place you needed to even clean your nose with water… I took a class on Muslim culture in college. Anyway, I had gently tired repeating the process I had read about on how to clean your nose.

Throughout the years, if my nose feels dry, I have cleaned my nose with plain water. Yet, I did not bring the water into my sinuses like the Neti Pot does. Today, I cleaned my nose/sinuses completely with sterile water/salt.

I am feeling much better, and am wondering if this practice will be enough to keep the worse of my mild allergies away. Last year, my allergies were not as bad, as I had be preparing with raw local honey all year. This year, I had switched back to non-raw, and not always local honey. I have been paying the price, by having worse allergies.

The thing about my apartment building, is that it is not easy to switch from heat to air conditioning. The whole building has been putting out heat, even with 70 degree weather outside. They apartment office has been watching the weather, and saw another cold spell coming, so did not switch to air yet.

As a result, while my allergies were bad, I could not seek refuge inside. If the windows were not wide open letting in all the pollen, I’d be cooking. Yet, I am glad to have found a new technique to lessen allergies without medication. My allergies are mild enough that I don’t want the side effects of a medication for allergies (or cost). Only when it gets bad in the beginning of Spring, I start wanting a medication.

Right now my allergies feel better, but they tend to come and go. The next few days will show if this sinus irrigation will be effective.

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  1. I had a neti pot years ago and only used it maybe twice because of a lack of skill in using it. I now have the SinuCleanse system, I believe it is called. It is a bottle that you hold upright and squeeze to irrigate the sinuses. I find it so much easier to use. I only use it once in a while though.

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