Internet Snail Slow


I filmed a video to Upload as my first every vlog. However when the Upload time was 16 hours, I gave up. Perhaps the time to visit a lab with faster Upload speed is needed. Before giving up on my Upload, I pulled the cable from the wall, and tried to put it in my computer. However, I forgot that unlike the plug in my childhood room, it isn’t designed that way. After I realized my mistake, and put the router back into place, the Internet was slower then it had been in a long time. Perhaps something just happened to go wrong with my Internet server, or perhaps I missed up the delicate balance that is my Internet.

I will not mention my carrier’s name, because it is not their fault the wiring in my building is out of date (that is entirely my apartment complex’s fault for never updating so residences could have a normal speed.) I will tell you that to get anything done at this carrier, you have to be on hold a long time.

When I first signed up, they made it seem like a product was free, and it wasn’t. By the time I decided that I was going to stand up for myself, and request them to take it back, 30 days had passed. They refused. After putting me on hold countless times, and sending me from one person to another, I started to cry. I knew that if I were rude to the people, instead of nice, I would have had a refund by now. I was caught up in the unfairness that being nice meant you get walked over by customer service.

Even as I was inexplicably (to the customer service person) sobbing, I still did not get a refund. Yet, upon reflection, it is better to be nice, and not get a refund then to be rude to get what you want. Being rude would have cost me something beyond money. I would have felt bad having to pretend be be something I was not, to get what I wanted.


So yesterday, I called technical support, after an hour the Internet was back up to a good speed. The minute I hung up, the speed was back down to snail slow. So I called back, and the speed increased while I was on hold, so I hang up. When I had settled down to finish my projects for the day, it was again too slow. Restarting the router helped increase the speed to normal for 30 second, then it was back to snail slow.

As it was now too late to call in, and I didn’t want to spend another hour on the phone, I hoped that speeds would be back to normal by the time I got home today. I am not home yet, so cannot tell if I will be calling in to fix the problem.

I had spent over two hours on hold trying to increase my internet speed some months back. The speed increased for two days, before going back to normal. The speed however, was mostly better during this time. It wasn’t the fast speed, but the normal speed I pay for. I did a speed check over 10 times last night, where the speed was far less then what I pay for at the normal price. I should be paying far less for the speed of Internet I am receiving.

So I might be having more adventures on the phone today, and this week. Oh yay, for waiting on hold only for the person to say they are the wrong person and redirect you. Then you wait on hold with the same results.Hopefully this time things will be quick.


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  1. Good luck. I can totally relate to this. For the most part I have just accepted that my internet is not particularly reliable. Calling for support only helps temporarily, if at all, before the internet starts getting crummy at night. No other service really available in our area. Can be quite stressful when you are in a long distance relationship and your Skype quality sucks. The norm for me now is to have to restart my modem every day, even though it was fairly recently replaced.

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