UFO RV: Brainstorming


My story about the UFO RV has been on my mind. I was thinking about features I would include in a UFO that is in fact a flying house.

I think the first aspect to making a UFO seem comfortable, is to make it feel like home. The inside walls and floors would have to be from the same material as we make homes. There could be wood floors, and painted walls.

How the light would be more natural in spectrum. So that you could grow many house plants anywhere in the UFO RV and they wouldn’t need to be next to a window for natural light to survive.

My searches into esoteric information has brought me across a number of technologies.

Nutritional ideas:

The most important being the Food Printer (an advanced 3-d printer that prints food), and the replicator. Of course these would be included in their respective locations. Along with it should be an advanced drink dispenser, so you can have fresh juice at the touch of a button or Starbucks. I have an addition to this technology for those who are on diets.

The Food Tracker UFO RV style. This would be an advanced exercise tracker to. It would be  like an apple watch but better. You could connect it wirelessly to any Food Printer/Drink Dispenser, and it will count the nutritional value of the food. The food you don’t eat will be put in a small washer that will subtract the remaining nutritional value from the Food Tracker. So tracking food in a diet just became easier. It would be waterproof for being able to track movement while swimming, and it will recommend you eat more the more you exercise.

The while system could connect to a program that you can access on a computer or through the watch. This would give you an assessment of what foods it recommends you eat to get the right nutrition for the day. However this is beyond just a tracker. The watch can painless scan your blood by being next to your skin. So it knows for sure what you need to eat the most. It will warn you if your sugar is getting too high, or any other nutrition.

The recommended foods choices would be vast, and could be sorted by style or region. Want to eat authentic Sushi pick a city in Japan to base the recommendations on. There would be Gourmet or Homemade styles too.

Space saving technology:

Another technology I have come across is like the Harry Potter tents. Small on the outside, huge on the inside. As much of the outside of the ship as possible would be window space, and the walls in-between the windows would be a greater distance then the outside ship.

So when looking my designs for the UFO RV. I do not need to be limited by space.


I think while the Food Printer naturally goes in the kitchen. The Replicator is in the design/craft room. Here it is that there is a 3-D program where you can design things to Replicate, or just replicate paints and an empty canvas. Just imagine being able to replicate High Quality paint in any color. Or if you love knitting, any color of yarn. Art will no longer be the haves and have nots. Professional Quality for everyone! Any shape of canvas too.

As space is almost unlimited, and furniture can be downloaded and replicated. The design of any room is limited only by creativity.


With the possibilities opened up by UFO RV’s that would enable a person to travel the entire world without leaving home. There might end up being quite a few of these in the sky in vacation locations. Thankfully it is obvious that cloaking technology is advanced. Those looking out the windows of their UFO RV, or from the ground below will only see clear skies. A special technology would be needed to see through the cloaking.

Self Flying + motionless feeling:

Having a UFO RV would be annoying if you had to drive it all the time. However, the management of flying these ships consists of entering where you want to go, and then going about your day. If you don’t like looking out to the ground moving below you, you can turn the ground window into a floor, the other windows could be turned into the Highest Resolution screen instead of the moving sky. So you could have a window to anywhere.

Indoor outdoors:

Why give up the chance at a backyard? You could turn any room in the UFO RV into a lawn. Just switch the floor to dirt, and get as natural as you want. You can have the ship water the ground from underneath, or schedule the ceiling to drop down rain. You could control the weather in any room, so as to create a realistic growing season. I recommend this be the tallest room in your UFO RV design with the top opening to a window of sky. There would be wind in the yard room, to help the plants feel more at home. Garden to your hearts content. Goldfish Pond Included.

New kind of swimming pool:

The water in this pool would be filtered to be pure, the temperature controllable. Without the normal chemicals you can turn this pool into a giant tub. Exercise and get clean. The dirt and soup will naturally be filtered out. If you prefer hotter temperature it is okay. There is a safety mechanism that prevents drowning. If it detects someone in the water for too long a grid gets pushed up from the bottom of the pool to bring you back to air, 911 is alerted, and you are flown to the nearest rescue center.

The whole UFO RV, keeps track of the health level of the people inside. You might just find yourself flying to the hospital hours before you might have had a heart attack. If you fall and don’t get up, these things will not go unnoticed.

Safe Fireplaces:

Who wouldn’t want a Fireplace in their UFO RV. As the whole UFO has a system to detect fire, and send rain to the room that needs it, it is safe to have a fireplace too. In the replicator you can even pick out kinds of woods that smell nice when burned, like adding pine needles to a fire.

Picking the scent for any room:

Want your kitchen to smell like you are baking. Or your bedroom to smell like Oranges. No need to burn a candle for scent, essential oils can be put into the air circulating system of any room. Just like you can control the thermostat in individual rooms if you care too. Like making your pool room a little warmer.

Wireless free and everywhere:

The computer system of the ship would have a program for running the Earth Internet, it would need to be a program within the main computer and not the main computer to prevent viruses. I am sure there are many intelligent ways to prevent viruses that extraterrestrial have thought of. There will also be other programs for whatever other Global Internets that will allow your access. Along with translation programs. Soon you might be browsing the system the Pleiadians set up for the day Humans need to access their resources.

Pleiadians are not technology based as we are, but being our parents choose to speak our language, and put information on a Pleiadian Internet for us Humans to connect to and educate ourselves. They even set up a email system so you can contact different Pleiadians. So in this future you no longer have to Channel information from Pleiadians you can attend one of their many Universities. This puts the Universe into UNIVERS(e)sity. Never put much thought into that word before.

Solar powered:

The best part is you never have to worry about another utility bill. The system recycles water/waste and runs on the energy of the sun. It is designed to stay in the air, while you either teleport or send smaller vessels to the land. It is a spaceship after all, and while I think we will have plenty of fun traveling the Earth, being a spaceship, someday, we might be traveling to other places in it too.

I get this overwhelming sense that physically traveling space will be restricted until we learn more. Like kids who first play in the backyard before being considered old enough to visit the neighbors on their own. If we want to visit a star system we will need to arrange transportation in other ways at first.

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