Change is in the wind


It is a time for change. Starting with the smallest steps, try something new.

I find it interesting that while Brenda Hoffman is calling for a withdrawal from being in the world, Matt Kahn is calling for us to return to the world.

I think this interview better sums up Matt Kahn’s call to return to the world.

In this video above Matt Kahn explains that change is needed in the areas you are stuck for manifestation. It goes beyond the Energy Update recently in that it explains that not only do those who have gone within need to return to the action, but those stuck in the action need to withdraw to go within.

The focus is therefore on changing patterns that you have been stuck in a long time. The areas I am stuck in are obvious to me. I need more social interaction, and more exercise. I didn’t mention my major block because it seemed too much to handle. I need to find another part-time job to balance work and non-work better in my life. I don’t want to leave either of the jobs I have now, but one job doesn’t pay while the other has limited hours.

Report on my process of changing the stagnant areas of my life:

I made many changes yesterday, from visiting three places I’ve never been to, and choosing a different restaurant then my usual Friday night pick. I even stopped by Juice store to get a fresh smoothie. I went to a coffee shop, that I don’t normally attend. A quick stop at a Used book store, and I asked about if they had opening that fit the hours left over from my other jobs. (I don’t know why I randomly started talking, and that lead to me asking.) They said they were just leaving Panera Bread, and had those exact hours there. Getting home, soon I decided to put in two applications for Panera Breads.

I had given up on finding a job that fit my hours so much that I stopped applying to jobs. I figured that when the time came to get a job, there would be a strong drive to apply.

Perhaps I am meant to work at Panera, or perhaps I just had to be open to working at Panera to get the flow of manifestation working in my life. Last year, I had taken the Panera personality test, so didn’t have to retake it. Now I have no assessment on if I passed the test.


I have decided that if I am hired there, I will start eating normal meat again. Now I only eat Ethical Meat (Pasture Fed), yet if I work at Panera I think I would get bored of being limited to the vegetarian options.

Filling out the applications didn’t take long. I am hoping that if Panera is a good place to work, I will be hired. It has been over 10 years since my sister worked there. Also she worked at a different location.

I also turned in the application for assistance with the YMCA costs, and will be hearing from them on the 15th. This lead me to a different part of town then I normally visit.

Today the zipper on my purse broke. Just the Universe inviting me to make another change. I think I will get the same kind of purse from the same shop next month. I realize that change is the theme, so I will get a different color of the same purse. Because I like that purse.

Perhaps the store of items handmade by Native Americans needed business. The purse was well made, I am just rough with purses. I tired to fit a little too much into it and broke the zipper (this has happened to me before). For winter I had been carrying my scarf, hat, green tea, and everything else. I forget what the extra item was that pushed the purse too far. Considering it is handmade, the price isn’t that bad. I am just debating if I should try to repair the zipper.



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