Weird channeling…


Angel, could we go with an interesting topic like positive vs negative? Last time I was hesitant to try anything big, not having channeled in a while.

You are being reminded of Matt Kahn’s teaching that everything is divine. Yes, your dimension has the play of light and dark. It is one of the driving factors of your storyline. Often instead of being faced with good or bad people, you find that both sides think themselves in the right. It is the light that illuminates both sides, so that a common ground can be reached.

 Yet what about the authentic psychopaths?

These are becoming even more rare every day. There is a disconnect between the Soul and Mind in a psychopath. The whole person suffers because of this disconnect and lashes out at those who seem to have something they lack. Yet, we were talking about the Soul level. One the Soul level, if the connection were remade between the psychopaths Soul and Brain you would find them acting differently. 

I interrupted you with that question.

You are certainly a more interactive Channel then most. You ask questions contently, some of which you do not write down. The point is as follows. You have a choice. Do you continue to see the government as corrupt, or do you want to believe in the goodness of it? Which path do you choose. Even listening to certain programs for entertainment, programs which often paint duality, you are pulling yourself further into the timeline of negativity.

I do not completely buy this positive and negative timeline. Time seems pretty seamless to me, and I didn’t not believe in a corrupt government before 9/11 happened. It still happened.

There was quite a lot of belief in unseen negative things at that point. I realize that you inherited the negative storyline, but it was running deep under the surface. You had many fears at that point. If you let go of the negative storyline you can jump onto a more positive timeline. If you continue to follow the negative storyline for entertainment, what entertains you will unfold.

Yet, I am supposed to follow my bliss. I get bored easily. What is to entertain me otherwise?

Teachers like Matt Kahn, Bentinho Massaro, and Bashar. As opposed to David Wilcock, and Corey Goode.

Are you going to provide me with the money to follow all these teachers? Because Angel Academy 6 was not cheap when placed on top of buying five books for the bonuses, and all the Beyond the Ordinary offers. Bentinho Massaro would cost me about $45 a month to follow, and Bashar would cost me about $35 every two hours of teachings. These things as entertainment are costly. David Wilcock is only the cost of, and comes with many other shows.

You currently have money to afford some of these things. Worry not about the iPad Pro. Let us worry about it, not you. Use the money you were saving for the iPad Pro, and follow positive forms of entertainment.

I am so not posting this. This is a not an entertaining channel. You are suppose to be providing me with the answers so I don’t have to invest in Bashar’s Angels and Demons Channeling.

You are not at that level of channeling yet. You are a different kind of Channel. You will never be able to check out like the channelers of old. You will be able to hold conversations. We are not interested in you being the kind of channel that accesses the secrets of the Universe. We consider you very able to come up with the secrets yourself. We are more interested in talking to you. If you continue to follow the negativity it will be harder to create the reality of positivity that is awaiting you. It is a warning as a friend.

Frankly, if Bashar were to read this Channel, he would be a little jealous. As you are able to ask your questions, whereas others have to ask questions to Bashar. We want you to channel, but the channeling process is different now. 

Are you thinking of going to bed yet?

I don’t want to pay for information that is free. Why will you not replace my need to pay for this information.

Because you are so present in the channeling, it is hard to give information without being interrupted. You are also hesitant to write on the big topics because you start wondering if you have the authority to say this. So it will take practice and a gaining of trust to get the same information from you as Bashar. However, we sense that this process would take so long that you should invest in the teachings you need now.


It is a little early in the season to be bemoaning the spirit of christmas. A reader is going to think that all you do is argue with the being you are channeling.

I do quite often. I just don’t post those.

I will leave it up to you if you post this or not. It would be interesting to some, and educate about a new mode of channeling. Conversation style channeling. Few standing in front of an audience would feel comfortable arguing with a channeled being. I like you.

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    • Thanks. I don’t post many channelings. I wasn’t liking the advice of this angel, but am considering it.

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