Laura Bruno: Intuitive Guidance/Blogger

Years ago, my sister sent me a link to The Blue Room, but Laura Bruno. It at the time was a top 5 post on her site. Little did my sister know, I would then proceed to a good part of her blog.

I was new to the New Age at the time. Laura represented my main introduction to the Intuitive World. I started this Blog because I was posting too many comments on her site, and felt I was intruding.

I will admit that I don’t read her blog as much as I used to. Yet, reading her Blog changed my life course. At the time I wasn’t even a vegetarian. I was a former vegetarian unable to commit to the lifestyle change. Laura however, was starting to grow her food in a garden, and ate a raw vegan diet. Due to teeth issues she had to start drinking milk, but you know she wouldn’t drink just any milk.

It was interesting reading her posts on Faeries, for I had never seen Faeries as a child. The magic in my life as a child, was my active imagination. I wished I could hear like psychic or see a ghost, but imagine was the best I could do.

I now consider Laura a friend, as she has offered me guidance in tough times. All in all I have more magic in my life then before. I gotten Tarot Readings from her, and now a Past Life Reading. I have never tried her Medical Intuitive, or Life Guidance seasons.

Laura has an understanding of the Faerie Realm that is rare in today’s world. So I would recommend her guidance on all issues Faerie. Her guidance has helped me understand Nexus better, and how to not upset him.

For a while Nexus would knock on the walls of our apartment. Little did I know he was upset I hadn’t given him any Christmas gifts. Overall Nexus is an easygoing Fae, but upset him by stating you would like a boyfriend to your therapist… and he’ll use the inside lock on the door, while no one is home, and lock you out.

So I must insist that just because he is a Fae, doesn’t mean he flies around High on Pixie dust and grants wishes. I am not sure even Pixies would do that.

I love Doreen Virtue, but no Faeries on not Nature’s Angels. They are not just beings of Light. They have a dual nature just like a human. I was so shocked when I got Doreen Virtue’s Faerie Guidance Oracle Cards, and the way she described Faeries. It sounded very little different from Angels.

I know that there are many myths in the past that paint them in a bad light, but even historically speaking Fae are no Angels. In fact they can be dangerous.

Imagine if someone told you that a Tiger was an Angel. A Tiger can be Loving, but thinking it an Angel can get you killed. I think most Fae are more likely to just start hiding your keys or steal one of your gloves, when it is cold outside, if you annoy them. Yet, some of them are not as mild.

Anyway, as I have started recommending Channelers, and Oracle Readers. I felt I should not live Laura out. She is a major activist who is fighting the good fight. She stands up for what she believes in, and goes the extra mile to live the life of Magick.

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