As spring draws closer…

A calm centering breath enlivens the mind and brings peace to the surroundings. I wonder if writing could be another form of meditation. I am supposed to be meditating 15 minutes a day at least according to countless spiritual teachers. Life has been throwing the answer of meditation at me from other sources as well. Yet no matter how glorious the promises of results, I do things my own way.

A breath as the air expands my lungs and awakens my cells. If I focus deeply I can feel the goodness of the air inside the lungs. At the same time there is a slight lightening of the mind as if the oxygen needs only a moment to invigorate and change the chemical makeup of the mind. A slow steady exhale brings releases the layers of stress that I have been secretly holding in the cells.

Such a simple act that connects us to all plants. For we are in a symbiotic relationship, what I do not need the tree transforms into what I need. The tree stands there transforming the moment into itself. Always growing with each breath. I am inside now, yet I am thinking of a plan in spring.

A simple assignment was given me years ago, to spend a hour with the same tree every week and write about the experience. Yet, now I want to do an assignment of my own. To sit by a tree and talk to the tree recording what I write.

I attempted to reach out in my mind to the tree outside the window, but the connection could not be made the same way from inside a building looking out.

I am serious need of reconnecting with nature. And so I will be seriously considering gardening this year on the balcony. My connection with nature has decreased as fear of ticks and lyme disease have kept me from freely wandering around the woods I was did fearlessly in the past. So as the world wakes up from winter into spring, I start project reconnect with nature!

Here is my favorite site gardening for inspiration (even if I have never bought anything from them yet.)

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