I feel like the bad news bears

e_letter Sometimes feelings are impossible explain. I am afraid my last channeling was to discouraging. Perhaps badly timed. I don’t want to be the bringer of bad news, for we are all creating our reality.

I just felt called to help those who might start feeling discouraged soon. Many Channelers are taking the bold steps, saying that what they are channeling about is happening ‘now’. In a way it is true for all timelines, even if it will manifest in different ways.

So I channeled Archangel Michael to help me articulate, and understand. In the channeling he warned briefly against giving your power away, something I too am guilty of. For, in a way, in channeling Archangel Michael instead of just my Higher Self, I was giving my power away.

I, too, read Channelers and get inspired. I, too, read messages of the changes happening ‘Now’ and hope that it is true. Yet, I have an overlaying sense that the things spoken of, the world is not ready for. Yet, some are ready, and that is where the different timelines come into play.

I am told I am on a slower timeline then the ones that the Channelers are speaking of. This is discouraging because I would very much like the world to transform completely by the New Year.

Different timelines is in fact a simplification of a much larger process. For beyond those Timeline divides there is each reality in the timeline that blends together to create the overall consciousness of the timeline.

Because it is sometimes to painful for certain realities to exist in a certain timeline, the main consciousness of the individual switches to the timeline with the group consciousness it needs. The timeline in which it is most free to grow and create its own reality.

The individual at the same time exists in other timelines, but is not consciously aware of it. Your Soul is a Master at existing on many levels and putting the main aspect of you into the level it most needs.

I am not sure what exactly the goal of the Soul is in this process we call growth, but I think it is about learning to be happy. Learning to find joy, sometimes like a flower peeking out of the snow and sometimes as a flower in a field.

That is the main division of Timelines we are coming to. Will the World come with me into my happiness, or will I need to discover happiness in a frozen landscape. There to are levels in between. Either way, you are ready to be happy.

I am on the slower path, not one where the world transforms overnight. This is because I need to learn to respect the growth process of others. You do not push a flower open before its time.

That is what some of the Channelings, in their desire to be happy are doing. Yet, realize even when the flowers around you are not all ready to bloom, you do not need them to bloom to be happy.

As Bentinho says, if something is painful, that means it on some level is not true. If it feels good, then it is true. If this News is painful to you, forget it. For it is not true for your reality. If Spaceships landing feels good, it is true.

I am sure if Bentinho wrote the same things I did, or Matt Kahn spoke of this. They could make it feel good. I am still very limited in my skills as a Supporter. For some reason a part of me is telling me this will support someone.

So for that someone who needs to hear this hear. If it doesn’t resonate throw it out of your mind. This is just my version of reality you are free to create anything you desire.

You know the secret about when Michael said not to give to much of your power away to a Channeler? That message was Channeled too.

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