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It has been an interesting two days. I went to an Indigo workshop where there was talk of this thing called the GAPS Diet. This is an extreme diet that is said to help with mental health, autism, autoimmune problems etc.

I made a list of reasons I would need such an extreme diet:
#1 Mental Illness
#2 Autoimmune disease of the liver
#3 Obesity
#4 Big Bully (linked with #3).
#5 On Autistic spectrum
#6 Hypothyroidism (linked with #3 and #4)
#7 Missing periods for up to 9 months

Yet, after a night of dreaming about limited food choices because I was on a diet in the dreams, I was still not enthralled about the diet. As the GAPS Diet required a lot of homemade foods, and I am not the happiest at cooking. I end up making good tasting food most the time but wasn’t raised in a kitchen.

So I emailed a friend about how I could find an easier diet that would still heal my gut. She suggested that the Paleo diet has many of the same elements, and was more mainstream.

So I wrote my eldest sister about mixing the aspects of GAPS with Paleo dieting by making some homemade broth, but not being limited to homemade broth etc.

Hi Lisa,

You may wish to continue to investigate diets to heal the gut.
***** went from being a vegetarian to the paleo diet prior to being diagnosed with colon cancer.
Colon cancer is not supposed to be genetic and she may have gotten it anyway but in any case, paleo definitely didn’t heal her gut.

The broth based diet seems like a lot of work. Could you see if there is an endocrinologist recommendation on a diet to try? They study the gut.

Here is one article:

You may also want to read the book I read, “Always Hungry” or the NYTimes article about the book/author.

OK, back to work.

I have not read the book yet, but the link she sent me stated….

A healthy diet with low-fat, high-fiber has been linked to a more diverse and better gut microbiota compared to a diet rich in fat and low in fiber. Research has also shown that human gut microbiota adapt and shift when exposed to a plant-based diet compared to an animal-based diet within a few days.

Wait just a minute, Low Fat, and High Fiber? The Paleo Diet is High Fat and said to be good for the gut because of it. Here we are back to the dieting norm, where one study will conflict with another.

Why does this happen? Studies are making the assumption that all bodies need the same diet. I highly suspect that the “Always Hungry” book might push towards yet another diet that will work for many, but not all.

That is the way it goes, people will push towards one diet for everyone, and some people will do wonderfully on that diet, and others will get sick. As we have no complete science on how to tell which diet is best for which person (we really should start focusing on this, and stop thinking there is one cure-all.) I am left in the dark confusion as to what to eat.

Due to my Hypothyroidism, I regained in two weeks the 20lb I lost on Weight Watchers. I had stopped losing weight, so lost motivation. The quick regain on a diet that is supposed to be designed to prevent the Yo-Yo effect made me lose most of my motivation to diet.

Almost a year has passed and I have maintained my weight after returning to the starting point (pre-diet) so quickly. I am just glad I didn’t continue to soar up in weight.

So I have started my own diet… the Pendulum Diet. This Diet requires a certain amount of Spiritual faith and no fear of using a Pendulum. I plan on carrying a Pendulum around and asking it “Does my body need to eat something at this restaurant today?” Then I will go on ask to which menu item if it is a, ‘Yes.’ I will ask the Angels to always protect my Pendulum answers, and to answer them.

I might plan grocery store visits before hand, asking questions like, “Does my body say I should buy Apples?” I am all for Spirituality, but I am unsure how people would react to seeing a Pendulum being used in a grocery store. Perhaps after I get used to pulling the Pendulum out in public, I will get over the slight nervousness it gives me.

For you, Scientifically minded individuals, who are thinking me weird and foolish to pull out the Pendulum, just take it as a case study of how confused the public is by the endless contradictory reports. For example, first milk is good for you, then it is bad, then it is good for you only in skim only, then it is bad for you, then the best choice is whole milk and it is very good for you, in fact, skim milk is used to fatten up pigs, etc.

So Scientifically minded individuals, you better work on discovering how to find the best diet for the person, instead of a One-size fit all fix. And as you might have discovered in clothes stores, One-size fits all really means this One-size fits no one right.

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  1. I believe it was pointed out to me by my dietitian friend that the flaw is prescribing a particular type of diet as a cure all for everybody is that different people’s bodies can react differently to the same foods. I have a friend whose food intolerance test results recently showed her intolerant to many foods which included chicken, bananas, wheat, and potatoes. I have another friend who realized she tends to feel crappy when she eats meat because she has trouble digesting it. I however can eat all of those things with no issue. It might help you to keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel each day to see if you notice a pattern of what foods upset your digestion and what foods help you feel well.

    • According to my Doctor my test results said I had no food allergies. Sone types if pizza make me feel horrible. I have to get pizza from the costliest pizza place in town to avoid it. I am unsure how they make pizza different. Donuts are usually too much sugar for my stomach to handle without getting upset. Fruit makes me feel better sometimes. If I have any blue cheese my body will crave it for days afterwards. In general if I buy a cheese spread and eat a little each day, after it is gone my body starts to ask me to eat cheese. (I’m mostly vegetarian so that might be connected with it.) Now that I eat meat once a week, there are some weeks I crave meat. Eel is another thing I crave randomly. Now that I am thinking of Eel… I want some. Saying Eel to myself like Homer says, Donuts. I think I am going on a walk to the sushi place nearby… or going on a longer walk to the sushi place with the eel lovers special.

  2. Eel is also apparently very nutritious, as it is high in omega 3s and minerals. Seems your body is craving healthy fats with high mineral content. I suggest giving it what it wants when you are able to.

    • I walked to the sushi place (bus ends at 5pm on Sat.) The Japanese think eel is important to have in summer. Perhaps to replace minerals lost in sweating. I forget why so that is just a guess.

    • Sorry on the walk home I remembered craving other healthy fats like Avocado (a lot last year) and Olives. The only non-healthy fat thing I recall craving is Pickles, and Grape Leaves… yet, Grape Leaves have Olive Oil in them I think.

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