August 14: Noticed I have passed the number of views I had last year

2016_I have surpassed thee

The year 2012 and 2013 are a bit incorrect. WordPress used to count your own views to your page and I could look through my posts often to get a feel for my site. Notice how small the number of unique visitors was (you cannot even see the deeper blue in that one… here.


See the first year I had eight visitors. I started on June 6, 2012. This is some encouragement to keep on Blogging all you beginner bloggers. Every year I have shown growth and it is only about half way through August and I passed the number of views I had last year.

I did not build my blog in a day. This has been years of practice in writing. Years in the improvement of ‘Tags.’ I have taken a step back from the full effort of making a new image for each post, but for a while (in 2016) I was on a roll.

I admit that I have not been fully committed to my Blog this year (so far). I have been on the path of a student in forum world. I stopped tagging most posts months after stopping making images.

Even with 1/4 the effort of 2016, I now have more views than last year. Yet, with the lack of images to increase my ‘likes’ 2017 has much less ‘likes’ and much less ‘comments.’

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