Dream: Jam/Sweepstakes


I am in a Jam Store with my Mother. I was in wonder at all the hundreds of varieties of Jam. I went to the counter and discovered they also had different pastes for pasta. (Like Red Pepper Paste.) The pastes were used like pasta sauce, and were divided into Mild, Medium and Spicy packages. We picked the mild package, that had so many Jars in it that it cost $100. By the cash register there was a sign that said, if you spend $100 or more you got a free movie at a store nearby. While I was amazed that my Mother was willing to spend so much money, I pointed out the promotion.

Soon we were in the Movie store, looking at DVD’s. The Movies I could pick changed each day of the promotion. Today all the movies were Horror movies. I was so upset I complained to the Cashier, I don’t like Horror movies. These are horrible choices I don’t want any. So the Cashier decided to give me cash for the promotion to make up for the lack of good choices. At first he was going to give me $13.95, but then it changed.

I had won a sweepstakes at the movie store. I was getting $10,000…. no $15,000. Yay! Yet now there was a catch. I was required to get a good GRE score to get the money. If I got 99% correct, then I would get the cost of going to grad school for getting such a high score. So I started to study. I was given money so I could focus solely on studies, and had no need to work.

When I was in the testing room, there was a confusing computer system which I was getting a call on. Everyone told me I needed to answer the call, but I didn’t know how. After the ringing stopped I found the message. The message said that now, in order to win $100,000, I needed to get 100%. I was unfazed and confident I would be able to get 100%.

Interpretation: Dreaming of Jam seems to be a good thing. I wasn’t able to find a Jam Store meaning….

In general, if you dream of jam, it is a very good sign that your wishes will come true, and you will be able to realize all plans.  –http://globe-views.com/dreams/jam.html

Winning Money also seems to be a good sign…

I think that I was able to change something I didn’t want to winning lots of money is also a good sign.

I really felt more like telling the dream then interpreting it. My dreams are never easy to interpret.

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