At the local coffee shop

I am feeling tired today. Lately I have been wondering if the frequency really is raising. It its supposed to cause all sorts of symptoms.

Lately the very bottom of my feet have been asleep. You know the pins and needles feeling of your foot falling asleep, it is that very weakly at the bottom layer of skin.

Also a tired sort of sick feeling.

I feel weak, like I don’t have enough food, but haven’t lost weight. I am constantly wanting my fruits and vegs. Doesn’t matter how much of them I manage to fit in my food, I always want more. (At least I am not craving unhealthy stuff.)

Sigh, I need to call the Doctor. I haven’t been sexually active, but have stopped my period again. Its been three months, and last time this happened my hormones were so off balance that I was referred to another Doctor. By the time I saw the other Doctor my hormones had balanced out.

My primary care thought something might be wrong in my brain to cause such a imbalance.

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