Computer problems/Talk of angels

My laptop’s trackpad is having issues, so it is a straggle to use the computer. The mouse doesn’t move where I want it to over half the time. It bounces around the point I want to click, and if I leave it alone it is scary. Only scary sometimes. Most of the time, if I do not touch the trackpad the mouse doesn’t move (as expected), but sometimes it moves around on its own. Sitting there watching your computer’s mouse move around and open programs on its own can be unnerving. I start thinking, “Did someone hack into my computer? Can they see my screen?”

Then I will ask for help from the Angels, to fix my computer. “Come on Raphael, you fix people’s cars when they pray, why do these things never work for me. I have no resistance to you fixing my computer. I do not identify with my computer being broken.” (If you read Doreen Virtue’s books on healing you might understand what I am talking about.) Sometimes, it works for a few minutes, and then goes back to malfunctioning. Maybe I should switch my prayers to, “Please don’t let this repair be costly.”

So I try to think of reasons why the Angels will not fix my computer. The only reason I can think of being that the Angels want me to take a break from the computer. They want me to read my book, “The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael,” by Doreen Virtue.

Raphael has always been my favorite Archangel. If I attempt to talk to an Angel a majority of the time it is to him. This is because when I was in middle school or high school I started playing around with talking to angels. I’d picture an angel who I believe said he was Raphael, and I would imagine flying with him. In my head we went swimming in the ocean without having to breathe. Or we would ski down a mountain with crazy steep hills. We even sat at a table and had coffee together… yes I was a little weird, but at this stage not crazy, really.

I think that this was the Angels building a more comfortable relationship with me. It was Raphael because I would be sick in the future, and he is the Archangel in charge of Healing.

I didn’t know much about Raphael at the time. I likely had heard the name in Church, but do not remember that. What stood out about him was his glowing green eyes. All the angels in my head had glowing eyes. Years later I would read that Green was the color of Archangel Raphael. This lead me to believe that perhaps this experience was more then imagination or insanity. 

I better try to post this before my mouse decides to close the window, or click on the Underline button. Wish me luck that I can make it to Publish Post.

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