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I don’t always feel like a Master. Sometimes I feel very much like the student trying to find my own words in the lessons I learn. I was just thinking about talking to my highly Christian family members, and telling them, “We are using different words to speak the same thing.” The essence of a good teachings is often the same, its just the way we pick our words to describe the teaching that makes the difference.
The other day, I was wondering if Matt Kahn had ever spent a lifetime as a Preacher, Priest, or Rabbi. He essentially has the role of one, only he does not often use all the same words.
Each Religion has its own Language even when within the same Language.
I don’t know why I am drawn to comment this. It is a bit of a tangent from what you wrote.

2020 Spiritual Vision


I’ve always had a spiritual teacher. In my 20’s it was just by knowing two people who, believed. Then for years it was via books and audio CD’s that I squeezed into the quieter moments of a very busy life. Then I was blessed (yet I didn’t always see it this way) with the gift of time and often watched youtubes and to listen to telecasts. Wonderful how much free stuff is out there.

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