Old Soul, Lightworker, Wander, Indigo, Earth Angel, or Starseed


For personal reasons, I have been studying the nature of reality, based on the reality of those outside of the mainstream. There is really no University program that lets one study such a wide variety so liberally with a majority of my papers unwritten. It started with the study of Psychics, and Mediums. Yet, over the years, I have come across countless titles that in the essence mean the same thing.

The narrative of a Starseed is different from the narrative of an Old Soul. Each category has a unique culture, but what are the common themes among them? We are all those who felt different from the Mainstream Society we saw around us. Perhaps you felt more wise, or more loving. Often people among these categories are dreamers.

The label you accepted of Old Soul, Lightworker, Wander, Indigo, Earth Angel, Starseed or any other words, labels. The reality of the ‘unseen’ does not argue with how you come to understand it. Whether you be praying to Angels, chatting with E.T.s, Spirit Animals, God(s), etc.. I believe that not only are the same category of people doing the talking, but they are talking to the same source.

The unseen, and sometimes seen, does not argue with how you see it, or yourself. You are free to create any narrative to understand it as possible.

This awakening is more and more people coming to understand that they are free to create their own reality. More people who secretly felt weird. Who tried their best to stay in the box (as they say). They are realizing that they are not insane, but having a human experience which the mainstream never prepared them for.

A good deal of my life, I secretly wondered if I was ill. If it was fine to secretly talk to Angels until 3am every school day. During the day, I was occupied with boring life, yet when it came time to sleep, I was free.

For a long time, I thought of these two aspects of self-being my Day Self and Night Self. My life changed when my Night Self came out of the closet of the pretending that my Day Self did. I am now a fully fledged non-conventionalist.

It was reading account after account of psychic or any of the people listed in the title, that liberated me to let go of my fear of being different. This is the true awakening, losing the fear you have of being yourself.

All these things I read from Channelings, are inspiring, yet I am not sure if they are metaphors for more people coming to their authenticity. Perhaps it really has nothing to do with the area of outer-space, light, or D.N.A. Perhaps humanity is just naturally growing up, and the source, we all see differently, has provided us with a rainbow of metaphors to understand this change.

I can be proven wrong in an instant, just because the ships haven’t landed or all of the humanity suddenly discovered itself ascended, doesn’t mean it will never happen. A lot of things have happened to me for the first time in my life, that had never happened before. I saw the invention of the Internet, for example. Along with the change from wire to wireless phones. Things just keep on changing that I never even considered needing to change. So is a bigger change than the Internet invention possible… yes.

Across the different labels of Old Soul, Lightworker, Wander, Indigo, Earth Angel, Starseed, etc, I see the same storyline narrated differently. We are all here to change the world. As I am not writing a college paper, I do not need to show you each narrative side by side. I challenge you to look outside of the label you have accepted to see the similarities yourself.

What do all these different realities having a common core teach? I think by studying the realities outside of your own, you can come closer to understanding the nature of reality. The exact same thing just takes a different form. People use different words to describe them. The people describing them are similar kinds of people, who use different words to describe themselves, creating a different narrative.

If you really want to understand creating reality study the Near Death Experiences on AngelicView. Shannon might not have posted in months, but Near Death Experiences never go out of date. Reading an old post will not hurt you. I have read almost every post on the site.

I found it fascinating that so many Near Death Experiences have both similarities and differences. You get a glimpse of the ‘unseen’ world by reading a vast amount of them.

So if you want to understand the nature of reality, I suggest you start listening to people regardless of the labels you give yourself or others. Listen to the stories they tell about their reality. Study the Near Death Experiences that changed people’s reality.

I think the Universities are overlooking a great chance by labeling some subjects/people was unworthy of study. They will never be able to paint a reality with all the colors of the rainbow that way. People will come out of education with a limited set of paints.

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  1. I deeply resonate with your revelations. I remember when I heard Oprah say, ‘all roads lead to God, I gasped, ‘God doesn’t like that! She’s going to _ell for saying that’! I believe my emotional reactional vibration open up something for me and in me. Through a few decades of introspection and expansion of learning other aspects of spirituality, I began to believe that humanity must believe in Some THING, Some ONE! Thereby much later in my life I agree. There are many paths to the same SOURCE!

    I am a proponent of diving deeply into whatever you believe in and Source, Spirit, BEings from other dimensions etc. will assist you to get you where you need to BE.

    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to share.

    Continual Blessings

    • Thank you and sorry for taking so long to reply. I stepped away from this blog quite some time ago and stopped looking for comments. Yes all paths lead to Source and perhaps no path is greater. Yet some paths are more aligned to the individual. The heaven of a person in a motor cycle gang might look like hell to the nun. I am glad this post finally got a comment! It is now my most popular post throughout all these years. So many have visited and so few say hello.

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