Oracle readings

I got this feeling that I should write a post, through I have no idea what to write about. I just sensed my fingers moving on a keyboard, and expression coming from either my heart or mind. A combination of both. The feeling from my heart is translated into English by my mind and this results.

I have a good feeling about me today. Watching daily free oracle readings one youtube has not turned out as I imagined. You see I do not live a general life, and day to day my oracle therefore cannot be captured by a general reading. There are elements that are the same, but overall I am too unique to fit.

I think it is because I have dropped my karma. Most of the world has not done that, but once you do, a general reading no longer works for you. I was studying how others read the cards, so that I could understand. So I could learn how to better read my own cards. Yet, my heart wants to attach to the reading itself, and when things are negative in the reading, I will not have that.

I do not apply general readings to my life, because I do not want a general life. Only my own cards can show my path. Sadly, I am not half as talented of a reader.

At times I am tempted to go back on my word, and start doing my own weekly readings. To follow the path of so many others, and ofter online readings for a price. Yet, that does not feel right.

I do not know of my future at all. Sigh, yet I have to go fourth into the day.

(I need to create some more artwork for my posts soon. Running low.)fae_female

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