Oracle Cards: Results not what I had in mind

I bought some Oracle Cards in the hope they would reinforce my choice of writing. They were Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Cards. What did I pull? ‘Time to decide.’ When I pulled more cards to help me clarify I pulled the card, ‘Music.’ Sure, I love k-pop, but I don’t know how to play any instruments. ‘Music’ would be a long path indeed. The more cards I pulled, the more path suggestions came my way. Luckily, I had another deck from which I pulled cards like, ‘You are free to choose.’

My conclusion was: The Angels will support me. They will not, however, point out which path I should take. I need to decide on my own.

It seems that the cards are giving me the same answer the Angels have given me all my life. Near the end of High School I begged the Angels and God to tell me what path I should take in my life. When no divine guidance came I stopped talking to the Angels out of anger.

It seems that, while some people have a clear life purpose that God will guide them towards, my life purpose is up to me to decide.

Sounds all wonderful on the outside, but if you watch this Ted talk you might understand how it feels.

See, lots of choices do not lead to happiness, but it appears that is what God wants for me.

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